The Craftsmen of Martins Jewellers 

At Martins of Glasgow, we are proud to be blessed with exceptional talent when it comes to the craftsmen that we have on hand to conduct repairs and services.With over 30 years of collective experience  the watch repair and service industry, it is safe to say that we have some of the best craftsmen at our disposal.

Service Repairmen:


Graham is one of our veteran repairmen who was trained by Rolex and has worked for prestigious watch brands Cartier and Garrards.

He specialises in looking after our high-end and luxury brand mechanical watches which need a careful hand and extensive knowledge of the brand to be expertly serviced or repaired. He knows how to sort problems where parts are concerned, and knows how to undertake an excellent finish if required by a client; this is usually the case with watches which are considered as an investment. He is regarded one of the best case and bracelet finishers in the area!


Allan has been with us since 2008, and took over from one of our best repairmen Dave, who retired at the age of 83; talk about dedication and longevity!

Allan is our specialist in English & Scottish pocket watches, which means he’s available to take care of all your specialist watch needs.


Robert, who is British Horological Institute trained, looks after our mid to high-end quartz watches. In addition, he looks after our Japanese automatics (Seiko and Citizen) as well as our mid to high range mechanicals. Added to the level of his expertise, he specialises in Omega, Rolex & Vintage Watches; truly a man of many talents!

Mark, Harry & Ciaran

This trio of talent is our Breitling Accredited Technicians. They undertake all Breitling servicing and maintenance at Martins of Glasgow, so you can be sure that any spare parts and materials are all obtained and supplied by Breitling themselves.

We Have Even More Talented Craftsmen

Believe it or not, we even have more talent than we have covered here! All our staff are experts in their own right, making Martins of Glasgow the perfect choice for all your watch needs.

In addition to our highly trained watch repairmen, we also have dial restorers, screw makers, bezel & case makers, handmade watch strap makers and glass formers.

Our extensive range of talent doesn’t end there, we also have extremely talented official service agents working with us who specialise in the biggest watch brands out there such as Hublot, U-Boat,  Chopard, Corum and much more.

Issues such as watch repairs, Rolex servicing and just about any problem regarding your watch, clock or jewellery – we will likely have the right talent to solve your problem.  If you are experiencing any issues regarding your watch or jewellery, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling us on 0141 946 6333; let us deal with your issue as soon as possible.