They’re not just used to tell the time – watches are a serious fashion accessory, especially in glitzy Hollywood, where the wide boulevards are apparently paved with gold and littered with fallen ‘actors’. So let’s take a look at what some of the biggest stars are wearing on their wrists.


Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks could probably eat babies and everyone would still love him. It’s that nice-guy smile, twinkling eyes, and the fact that he’s been around so long he feels like your amiable next-door neighbour. When it comes to watches, Hanks is an Omega-man. He’s been spotted wearing a Planet Ocean in the past, but these days he sports the rather elegant Omega Speedmaster Professional.


Brad Pitt

When you’re one of the most famous men in the world, married to Angelina Jolie, and with a bank balance that would sustain a small country for a century, you’re bound to rock a certain style. Brad Pitt is a self-confessed watch aficionado, with a pretty extensive collection stashed away, legend has it, in a vault buried deep beneath the Hollywood Hills. Ok, not really. But he does buy watches with the sort of frequency that you or I might buy bread and milk. And his preferred brand? The ever-stylish Patek Philippe Nautilus.


Daniel Craig

We’ve already looked at the watches worn by James Bond – the later 007’s being big fans of Omega. But when he’s out of character, Daniel Craig prefers the timeless Rolex on his wrist, much like the Bond found in Fleming’s books. One of his favourites is the vintage Pepsi Rolex GMT, which he once generously offered to an admiring fan. By all accounts the fan was left so shaken – but not stirred – that he declined.


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