Here’s something bound to fascinate any watch enthusiasts out there: a recent BBC report covered the incredible story of Dr George Daniels who, during his lifetime, was considered by many experts to be the finest watchmaker in the world.

The story which is told by Roger W. Smith, one of his few trusted apprentices, and now this proud owner of the famous studio in the Isle of Man is an inspiring representative for the true effort and skill it takes to make a watch by hand.

Dr George Daniels CBE was regarded as the first person in history to make an entire watch completely by hand, up to every last detail. His watches, which each took at least 6 months for one person to make, are incredibly intricate and were amongst the most technologically advanced in the world. As a result, prices for watches made in his studio now begin at £95,000.

The handmade watches made in the studio are still being constructed from start to finish by one person, to an impeccable standard which could not be achieved using machinery, making them seem as if they “appeared out of the atmosphere”.  The studio now produces a total of 10 watches every year, and these are regarded as some of the highest quality timepieces in the world.

This video ably conveys the true skill and talent which George Daniels held, and how it has been appreciated both during his lifetime, and in the lasting legacy of his unique creations.

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