Proposing to the love of your life and asking for their hand in marriage is one of the most exciting and probably romantic things you’ll ever do. It’s only natural to want everything to go smoothly, which includes picking out the perfect engagement ring. If you are trying to keep the proposal a secret, you can’t exactly ask your significant other to go pick out a ring, which means it can be very helpful to look into what’s trendy.

Here we’ll take a look at the most popular engagement ring styles giving you lots to think about and hopefully making the purchasing process much less stressful.

Customised Rings are Proving to Be In Demand

Where it used to be that everyone wanted the same style of ring, with the same setting today it’s much more about uniqueness. Customised rings are having a real moment and they provide an opportunity to showcase romance, personal style and creativity. The good news about this trend is that anything goes, meaning there are no rules. Your imagination is your only limiting factor.

Emerald Cut Is Extremely Trendy

You hear a lot about the cut of the diamond, which will help to dictate the size and how the light reflects. Both princess cut and radiant diamond cut have been popular over the years, as they do a great job at reflecting light and tend to be universally appealing. And while these are still very popular, in terms of trends it’s all about the emerald cut for 2023.

Emerald-cut diamonds have a very classic look to them and can look and feel more weighty on the hand. They make a statement and tend to pop. The emerald cut looks like an elongated rectangle with the corners cut off. Generally speaking, it has 57 facets.

Diamonds Aren’t the Only Option

When you think of an engagement ring a diamond is often the first stone to come to mind, but it’s time to move past that notion and embrace the current trends. Today’s engagement rings can feature any stone you want, there is no reason it has to be a diamond. Trending for 2023 are rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. These gemstones can be used as solitaires or mixed with other stones.

If you want to go in a different direction, something more elegant, consider a pearl engagement ring. Just be sure to also factor in the wedding band and how it will work with the engagement ring.

At the End Of The Day, the “Perfect” Ring Doesn’t Have to Be Trendy

The final piece of advice is that if you read over these trends and none seem to reflect your significant other’s style, don’t forget trends are rules. Trends come and go, so you want to be sure you pick something they will love now and forever.

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