Why buy a vintage watch over a brand new model? This isn’t a question for most watch enthusiasts, but for people who need the latest thing in order to feel like they’re getting the most modern gadget for their money, the idea of a vintage watch can be a confusing purchase. For some it may also be a case of inheriting a vintage watch and not knowing what to do with it.

However, there are many advantages and reasons for buying and owning a vintage watch that people may not consider.


Of course, you may not necessarily buy the vintage watch in your possession. Watches can be a part of our day throughout our lives, sure the strap might need repair and the workings may need attention from time to time but at the heart of it the watch remains the same. So it is no wonder that so many wish to pass these sentimental items to their loved ones after death.

In fact many people choose to buy a watch with the intention of it being a ‘legacy watch’, one that can be passed down through generations and act as a touch stone for the family. It may not even be tied to the monetary value of the item. An heirloom can span generations and tell the tale of your family without words; it becomes more than a vintage watch, it becomes a part of history.

Why Buy Vintage?

But why is a vintage watch a good purchase? An important reason, and some would say the most important, for buying a vintage watch is that it is a better investment in the long term. Just like buying a brand new car off the lot, you will lose money by buying something brand new in most cases as the value depreciates over time (the same can be said for most electronics such as game consoles, computers and televisions). However, when you buy a watch that is vintage it already took this value hit years ago and so will only increase in price from the day of your purchase – this is especially true for the more expensive vintage watches.

Others would say it is the same feeling that inspires people to pass down heirlooms, the satisfaction of owning something that is a part of history and holds a story spanning decades is the real reason they buy vintage watches. The tale of the watch can far outweigh the quality and value for some people.

Most collectors ultimately love the thrill of the chase. It’s the romance of searching for something for so long and then the feeling of achievement and elation as you strap it onto your wrist at last; you can bask in the sheer longevity of this object and be elated at having a new companion to join you through whatever the day, month or year may bring.


A major problem when buying a vintage watch is of course the quality of the watch that you purchase. This is especially true if you buy the watch online; it is important to be cautious as the seller may not be upfront about any problems the watch may have or the condition that it is in. Considering the prices that some vintage watches can be sold for this is a risky gamble to make in most cases. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself: is owning a vintage watch worth the risks? For any enthusiast the answer will be a yes without hesitation.

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