A wearable technology revolution is currently underway, with leading companies such as Apple creating smart watches that help their customers put their fingers on the pulse of modernity. However, for those who don’t want to keep track of their fitness but rather have a standout timepiece then vintage is still king. The world of older watches is awash with some amazing pieces, which people are selling and acquiring on a daily basis.

Do you have a vintage watch that you wish to sell? Or are you in the market for a second-hand watch? Then consider the vintage watch market and how you fit into it.


There is a market for everything in the vintage watch world. If you have it, likely someone will wish to buy it from you. Here at Martins of Glasgow, we are always happy to take quality items. These include jewellery and clocks, but especially speciality and military watches. We are willing to make offers on most items of interest to us.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

When selling your watch you may consider a piece that is in bad condition, essentially ‘dead’, as unsellable. That may not be the case. We purchase items in any condition, which includes watches that may not even be working at all. Broken, damaged or scrap jewellery is also something that we would consider purchasing.

Buying Second-hand

Of course, you might not just want to sell your second-hand watch, but also buy one. There are numerous ways to purchase vintage watches in the growing modern world. The internet, shops and auctions are the obvious port of call for such purchases. But obviously, you must be smart about the purchases you make second-hand online. Not all sellers are genuine, though it is getting rarer thanks to websites policing their sales thoroughly. The quality of a second-hand piece may also be questionable, especially if you do not see it before payment is made. Being able to see a vintage watch before purchase is always preferable.

Overall, you should always extend an air of wariness of buying second-hand. Choosing a supplier who offers an in-store viewing before purchase is the safest way to buy. This is something we here at Martins of Glasgow strive for; offering quality products with a transparent and open dialogue in terms of their quality.

There are a number of reasons you might want to trade in an old watch; to help finance a new one, because it has been long forgotten in a drawer somewhere or you simply do not want it anymore. So, if you want to trade in your old watch don’t hesitate to contact our professional team on 0141 946 6333.