Remaking jewellery is the new trend that seems to be here to stay. It is not a new concept and has been used for many years, but due to the concerns about the health of our planet and its limited resources, remaking jewellery is fast becoming a popular option. 

But what is it?

Creating Something New out of Something Old

Since the days of old, people have been creating new out of old. Whether that be turning those old jeans into a new pair of shorts, turning old tyres into new flowerpots, or turning old pieces of furniture into something trendy. 

Remaking or remodelling jewellery runs on the same basis. 

You take something old, pull it apart, and fix it up in a new and fantastic way. 

When it comes to jewellery this could mean that you are turning old rings into a pendant necklace or changing the way the gems are set on your favourite ring. It could be turning earrings into matching bracelets or melting down the gold from a bracelet and making a pair of earrings. 

The Reasoning Behind the Approach

There are a few reasons why you may want to remake jewellery. 

1. You have loads of broken bits.

Your jewellery box has the odd piece you love wearing, then it has broken chains, a ring that doesn’t fit, old bangles, earrings with missing stones and pendants that are out of date. 

Of course, you could buy more. But with all the concern about the planet and all the focus on recycling an idea hits you. You can remake the jewellery. 

By taking these broken and old pieces to a jewellery store you can arrange for them to design and create new pieces from the bits that you have. Not only will you be recycling, but you will also be getting new unique pieces that no one else has. You will be retaining the history and the memory of what those pieces used to be, and you will no longer have those broken bits littering the bottom of your jewellery box. 

2. Memory and Gifted Pieces

It is not unusual for someone to remake or remodel pieces that have been gifted to them or left to them by family or friends. This could be a memento from your family, an old brooch from your elderly neighbour, or a ring that was gifted that never quite fit your finger. Such items often find their way into the jewellers with requests to be remade. 

Once that request is made it will go through a very careful design process. It is important to the jewellers that you get a piece you can be proud of, especially if they are remaking a memento like your parents’ wedding rings. 

3. Alterations

Remake doesn’t always mean destroy and rebuild. If you were to remake a sofa you may only be re-upholstering it, so it looks both new and fresh. Alterations are this type of remake. The most common alteration for a piece of jewellery is requested is for the engagement ring. 

This can be for something as simple as changing the way the stones are set. Changing a setting, especially on an older family heirloom ring, is most often done to add a modern touch and allow more light to shine on the stones. 

Do You Have Something That Can Be Remade?

If you wish to have some jewellery remade or remodelled, please do not hesitate to contact either Gail or Martin at Martins Jewellers in Glasgow. You can reach us through the contact us page or by calling 0141 946 6333.