Watches can hold a great deal of sentimental and financial value for many people. We understand that it can be hard to part with your watch if it needs to be repaired. This means that having your watch serviced is a good idea if you want to avoid repairs that can cost you time and money. So, you may be wondering what will happen when you hand over your watch to us to be serviced.


Watch Servicing and Repair

We take a number of steps when you bring your watch to us to be serviced – these include:

  1. First, we open the case and remove the movement
  2. Remove the hands and dial from the movement
  3. Strip down the movement into individual components
  4. Check that each individual watch part functions correctly, making sure to check for rust and wear
  5. Determine if any replacements are needed for parts and provide you with an estimate
  6. Wash the stripped down movement in cleaning machine with specific baths
  7. Assemble and lubricate the movement with the appropriate grade of lubricant to make sure that it stays healthy
  8. Adjust the movement in accordance with our quality criteria
  9. Fit the dial and the hands
  10. Bench test & final adjustment of the movement
  11. Ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet
  12. Polish the case and the bracelet
  13. Re-assemble the case
  14. Close the case and check the water-resistance (if appropriate)
  15. Set the correct time on the watch, check the cleanliness and the functioning of the assembled watch
  16. Bench test over 24 hours. If not satisfactory, the watch is returned to the watchmaker for the necessary corrections
  17. Fit the bracelet or strap and carry out a final check before returning the watch to you

Every watch is different, so we may not take all of these steps for every watch. However, the process we do take with your watch ensures that your watch is returned to you as good as new.

If you’re interested in having your watch serviced or even would like to enquire about watch repairs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. You can call us on 0141 946 6333, drop us an email at or use our online enquiry form and we will be more than happy to help you with your requirements.