Are you deep into the planning stage of your upcoming summer holiday? Have you started a countdown until the date your holiday begins and the relaxation kicks in? This is also a fabulous time to start thinking about your summer holiday wardrobe, particularly your accessory of choice – a watch. Watches aren’t just stylish items to pair with outfits; they also provide a useful function. But which watch is best for your summer holiday?

Here we’ll take a look at some popular styles of watches and must-have features that would be perfect for your summer holiday.

It Needs to Stand Up to Heat

The first thing to consider is how well the watch will behave in the heat. It may come as a surprise that not all watches can handle the heat, but it’s true. If your holiday includes lazing by the pool or beach, there’s a good chance your watch will be on your wrist while in the direct sun for hours.

A good tip is to look for watches that are described as rugged, versatile, durable, and meant for active lifestyles.

A Sleek Slim Watch for Discreet Tan Lines

Another tip is to choose a watch that has a sleek slim design. Bulky watch faces and chunky watch straps may look stylish in everyday life, but they can be too much on holidays. If you plan on doing a lot of activities, they can get in the way and even feel heavy. Then there’s the fact that the bulkier the watch and strap are, the more obvious your tan lines will be.

Waterproof Is a Safe Bet

If your summer holiday will involve swimming, a waterproof watch will be an absolute must. Be sure to look for waterproof specific, not water resistant. Water resistant simply means it can handle splashes, whereas a waterproof design lets you swim with it on.

When shopping for a waterproof watch, you’ll notice they have ratings. This describes what conditions they are meant for such as the depth and the duration of the swimming. You’ll find options suitable for short periods of swimming to scuba diving. Scuba diving requires high-quality waterproofing that can handle being submerged deeper and for longer periods.

And if you’re going to purchase a waterproof watch, it also needs a waterproof watch strap. A great thing about watches is that you can always switch out the band if you choose.

Do You Want an Activity Tracker?

If your summer holiday will be more active and will have you participating in sports, plenty of walking, and other activities, then you may want a watch that tracks health metrics. Fitness watches can track things such as your steps, calories burned, heart rate, how many “active minutes” you’ve had, and so forth. While not usually a necessity, it can motivate you to be as active as possible on your holiday.

A Statement Watch Can Be Perfect When Dressing Up

Finally, take into consideration your vacation wardrobe. While you may be in casual wear during the day, nighttime can be a different story. You may have plans of dining out at fancy restaurants, visiting local bars and pubs, and checking out the nightlife. All of that will likely call for a more flashy, dressy, or statement watch.

An expert tip is to lay out the various outfits that you’ll be packing for your holiday and then figure out what style of watch would work best. You may need to take more than one to get something appropriate for all occasions and activities.

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