As technology evolves and people embrace digital tools like never before, it can make you wonder what will become of older more traditional items. Watches are not just a piece of jewellery, they also serve a useful function. But how important is a watch in today’s digital age? When someone wants to know the time, they can simply reach for their smartphone. It makes you wonder what the future of watchmaking may be.

The good news is that it’s an art form that is still flourishing and there is still plenty to get excited about. So let’s take a look at some of the trends and where watchmaking may be heading.

Combining the Old with the New

Perhaps the biggest trend in watchmaking today is combining old-world style and functionality with the latest in technology. Smartwatches have taken the market by storm as they pack a whole lot of features into a small device. It has taken everything you know and love about a watch and then infused it with many of the features a smartphone can offer.

Not only that but they provide fitness tracking capabilities which have resonated with the general public. People today are very mindful of their overall health and well-being which has made tracking such things as steps in a day, heart rate, calories burned, and sleep scores important to them.

But at their core, a smartwatch or fitness watch still uses the tried and true design of a basic watch and provides the time-telling capability.

There Is Still an Appreciation for Fine Jewellery

Then some aren’t interested in run-of-the-mill timepieces, they often want something that is of superior craftsmanship. These are the kind of watches that are often passed down as family heirlooms, carrying meaning and stories behind them.

This is more of an investment purchase because you know once you purchase a high-quality watch there’s a good chance that it may be the last one you need to purchase. The key is to keep up with regular cleaning, maintenance and repairs as needed so it stays in excellent condition.

Watches Are Stronger and More Resistant to Many Conditions

Then we have those people who push the limits daily, and they need a watch that can stand up to their demands. Watches that are made of stronger, more durable materials that can resist such things as bumps, scratches, rain, swimming, diving, vigorous workouts, rock climbing and so forth are very much needed. People don’t want to have to remove their watch when doing an activity, so it needs to conform to their requirements.

Watchmakers have realised this opens a new door of possibility and have introduced a variety of materials and techniques that have added integrity to the design without sacrificing style and fashion.

A great example of this trend is evident with Tag Heuer, which is one of the most respected watch names out there. They have introduced technology that has been developed in-house and that is resistant to shock and gravity, opening up a whole new door when it comes to durability and strength.

The Art of Watchmaking Has Plenty of Tricks Left Up Its Sleeves

So if you’re under the impression that the days of watches and watchmaking are over, it’s time to think again. This is an industry that still has plenty of tricks left up its sleeve.

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