When it comes to buying a watch, there are two main elements. Of course the watch face itself will go a long way to determining your purchase. But you might also want to consider that the strap commonly covers more surface area, and is just as important to the overall look of the time piece.

So, which strap to plump for? That, of course, will often come down to personal choice. But there are certainly a few helpful guidelines that can be applied to each variety:

Watch Strap


Often found on luxury watches, especially those made by the range of Swiss brands, bracelets are hard bands that can be made from stainless steel, silver or gold, or a combination of the three. Chain mail and mesh typically make up the two parts, which clamp together with a clasp. They have the advantage of being customisable, so if your bracelet strap is too loose or tight, you can tailor it to your wrist by adding or removing links. Bracelets are likely to be popular with customers that like jewellery, and want a metal accompaniment to a metal watch face of some description.


For many, leather will represent the most stylish strap option, according to taste. Leather straps go well with both suits and smart casual clothes, but may be slightly less durable than bracelet straps. Many straps are handmade by dedicated businesses in European countries such as Germany and Italy, in specialist tanneries, and they may supply straps directly to a watchmaker.

Silicone or Rubber

Seen by some as the ‘cheap option’ when it comes to a watch strap, silicone and rubber straps are being favoured by some watch wearers due to their ability to absorb heat more effectively than leather alternatives, as well as their UV resistance. For those with sensitive skin, it might be prudent to check that they do not cause irritation before making an expensive purchase.


The NATO is a durable fabric strap which came into use in the military. It holds the watch securely and for some is the most comfortable option when it comes to choosing a strap. It also typically comes in a range of colours from bright striped combinations to more subtle variations.

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