There are two main reasons to opt for engraving on significant pieces of jewellery and expensive watches. The first is sentiment, and the second is for security. Creating a personalised inscription on an important piece increases its unique role in the recipient’s life. It also demonstrates love and thoughtfulness on the part of the giver.

Not only is this the engagement or wedding ring of someone’s dreams, the watch they have always craved, or the bracelet that marks their achievement or anniversary; it is marked forever and is truly one of a kind. Thieves who hanker after such treasures are deterred when they encounter engraving, as they know it is much harder to resell.


 Special Occasions

Many of the milestones in each lifetime are celebrated with gifts of jewellery, from a baby’s christening mug through to the school successes, exam triumphs, driving tests passed, graduations, job promotions, engagements, weddings and anything else deserving of note. Since Medieval times, people have chosen to personalise such presents with inscriptions. Romantic poetry, initials, dates and secret nicknames have all been utilised, as have words from every language from Latin to Chinese. The pertinence of the engraving is often a private code between the giver and receiver. These messages are powerful and personal but they also serve as an effective “birthmark” in the unhappy event anything is ever lost or stolen.


Burglars are known to target five specific sets of valuables when they break into a home. These are portable computing devices; bicycles; smartphones; home entertainment systems; and cash and jewellery. These are the easiest items for them to remove and resell. Engravings prove that an item has belonged to another, and not only that, but that it was a prized possession. Engraved identifiable jewellery may assist the police if they catch a criminal, through the return of personal property to the rightful owner. An engraving which begins as an expression of adoration can end up acting as crime prevention.

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