Watches do so much more than simply tell the time. An essential piece in anybody’s wardrobe, a decent watch says a great deal about who you are and what your interests and priorities are. Even in the age of the smartphone, a classic watch will make you look well put together and act as your signature accessory.

More Than Functionality

Invest in a good quality watch and you’re investing in exceptional craftsmanship, outstanding attention to detail, and above all timeless style and quality. Owning a classic watch says you appreciate performance and precision, and above all that you acknowledge the passing of time and how to use it to your best advantage.

A Versatile Investment

A great watch will go with everything you wear because it’s the ultimate versatile accessory. Swap the bands and you can quickly create a whole new look. But invest in a modern timepiece like the Omega Seamaster Professional or the Tag Heuer Autavia and you can watch it mature into a heritage classic, with a price tag to match.

A Sign Of Distinction

Even if you wear a hipster Tag Heuer doesn’t mean that you’re not seen as mature, confident and professional. There’s a good reason why a prestige watch is given as a graduation gift or for a 21st birthday. It’s because we see watches as the distinguishing mark of a fully fledged and responsible individual, and means those reaching this milestone are trusted to look after a fine timepiece. If you were gifted a fine watch like a classic Omega, it stands as a symbol of the responsibility you have attained through maturity and is expected that you will book your watch in for regular servicing to keep it in perfect shape.

Connected To History

Down through the ages, great individuals have worn great watches – think Buzz Aldrin with his Omega Speedmaster strapped to his spacesuit or Steve McQueen rocking his effortlessly cool Tag Heuer Monaco. Nowadays, you never see Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Pope Francis without a timepiece on their wrist because it connects them to a history that’s both personal and global.

Keep Your Priorities Straight

Glance at your wristwatch and you won’t be tempted to check your twitter, send an email or text your friends. You’ll tell the time, pure and simple – which is a reminder to use it as wisely as you can.

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