Apple… go back half a century and it was simply a healthy snack, now though the times have changed… drastically. Mention the word Apple now and it conjures up an entirely different image, one of polished aluminium and colourful user interfaces.

Apple is now the most powerful brand… in the world! Want to guess their net worth? Well if you said over $120 billion then well done as you were correct!

Apple products are literally taking over the world, they are in every pocket, backpack, briefcase and satchel in the land but Apple doesn’t think this is enough, they want Apple products on every wrist in the world in the form of their latest smart watch. But how achievable is this with a £500 (roughly) price tag?

In this blog we thought that we would take a look at exactly what this watch offers and see if it is a stroke of genius or one step too far for Apple.


First and perhaps in many people’s opinions most importantly is the style of the thing and straight out of the blocks you have to say it is distinctly plain looking. As with all Apple products though there is an innate sense of build quality, and with it being customisable it is sure to find favour with plenty.

Pitch it against a similarly priced Raymond Weil or Longines watch though and it just doesn’t stand out in the same way… but maybe that’s the point.


One of the reasons Apple has such a loyal fan base is the usability of their products, the Ipod for instance just made navigating your music far easier than other manufacturers offerings. Their watch is sure to be the same, smooth, intuitive and just a joy, but in the world of watches, usability is pretty subjective.

The need to charge your watch every day (battery life can be as little as 3 hours) is going to irk plenty of early adopters, even a £5 Casio will whoop it for battery life!


As with all major buying decisions in life, it is important to ask yourself ‘how likely am I to break this?’ and unfortunately in the case of the Apple watch… well who hasn’t seen a smashed Iphone?

Fresh out of the box they are sure to be a delight and for something under the moniker of ‘smart’ technology it is sure to be fairly robust but is it going to be as go anywhere tough as some of the watches that we repair? We highly doubt it.

Being that these are realistically the most important points for anyone investing in a watch, it would seem that the Apple watch is something of a faux pas from this seemingly infallible company. In spite of this though we think that the watch will be a roaring success and shoppers will line the streets for each new iteration as with any other Apple product.

If you’ve bucked the trend though and invested in something that stands out a little more and will surely last longer, don’t worry we’ll still be here to offer any servicing and repair that it needs!

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