When jewellery becomes a part of your everyday life, it’s much easier to make a few common mistakes – mistakes that can ruin your favourite pieces.

Jewellery will always be subject to general wear and tear, but there are steps you can take to ensure you don’t cause unnecessary damage.

Since we regularly assist clients with jewellery repair, we know what mistakes are made most often, which is why we’ve created this quick list.

Common Jewellery Mistakes to Avoid

1. Failing to Remove Your Jewellery.

Never removing your jewellery is one of the first mistakes to avoid – this includes your wedding ring. Over time, all the products you use on your skin and around the house will leave a residue on your jewellery, which eventually damages the metal and the settings. Make a point of removing your jewellery anytime it might come into contact with harsh chemicals, especially household cleaners and chlorine.

2. Forgetting to Clean Your Jewellery.

Even if you remember to remove your jewellery most of the time, chemicals and dirt can still build up. It’s important to clean your jewellery every once in a while, if you want it to last for as long as possible. Remember to stay away from harsh soaps and abrasive materials when cleaning your jewellery as this can cause damage. If possible, have your favourite pieces cleaned by a professional for the best results.

3. Failing to Maintain Your Jewellery.

If you ever notice a loose or bent setting, it’s important to contact a professional about a repair right away. All too often, people try to repair their jewellery at home using a DIY video, which only causes further damage. If you’re worried about cost, know that most basic jewellery repairs are more affordable than you might think. Contacting a professional is going to save you time and money. Plus, the sooner you repair your jewellery, the sooner you can wear it again.

4. Forgoing Insurance.

If you see your jewellery as an investment, you can’t skip the insurance. Yes, it’s an extra expense, one that you might not feel is necessary, until the day you need it. If you want to ensure the safety of your favourite items, add them to your home’s insurance policy sooner rather than later. This will protect you against theft, loss and damage.

By keeping these common jewellery mistakes in mind, you can avoid having to give up your favourites too soon.

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