Owning vintage or antique jewellery means owning a small piece of history. And there are many unique pieces to be found.

It’s one thing to purchase vintage jewellery because you love it but another to purchase it as an investment. Is it a good investment at all?

Here is what you should consider.

Vintage vs Antique Jewellery

Vintage and antique jewellery is not one and the same. Vintage jewellery is anything that was created 20 – 100 years ago. Anything older than that is considered antique. It’s important to know the jewellery manufacturing date because antique pieces are usually more expensive.

Other factors that can influence the price include the signature of the watch’s designer or an official date stamp.

Now that you know whether a piece is vintage or antique, how can you tell whether it’s authentic?

Signs of Authentic Vintage Jewellery

Before you commit to buying vintage jewellery, you need to make sure it’s authentic. One of the best ways to do this is to have it evaluated by a professional.

An expert will know what defining characteristics to look out for and can easily spot counterfeit stones. Hallmarks is something else to look out for as this is proof the jewellery is indeed valuable.

It’s essential to only deal with certified jewellers and auction houses when evaluating vintage pieces.

Here are some further details on what you can expect during a jewellery appraisal.

Is Vintage Jewellery a Worthwhile Investment?

This is not a black and white answer because the demand for vintage jewellery tends to fluctuate. If you are serious about investing, opt for something from a timeless designer as these brands tend to retain their value. This is due to the quality of the jewellery as well as the brand recognition.

If you aren’t particularly interested in a well-known brand, pay careful attention to the design of the piece as well as the raw materials used. This too can determine how valuable a piece will be over time.

The only other factor that makes vintage jewellery a good investment is the uniqueness of the piece. If you can find a one-of-a-kind piece, there’s a better chance of it being worth your money.

If you are going to invest, take the time to find the best possible piece for your budget and do as much research as possible – it will be well worth the effort.

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