Are you on the hunt for the perfect and romantic gift idea for the special woman in your life? Do you want a gift that shows how much you mean to her and yet is something she’ll also love and cherish? If so, jewellery is typically the perfect gift option. It’s the kind of item she may not splurge on for herself, but will love if gifted to her.

To help make the buying process smooth, here’s a look at four romantic jewellery gift ideas for the special woman in your life. Any of these will put a smile on her face and you don’t have to worry if she will like it or it will work with her style.

Choose Something with Her Birthstone

Birthstones are a wonderful stone to add to a wide array of jewellery, and it’s incredibly romantic. All you need is her birth month and you’ll easily be able to find the coordinating gemstone by doing a quick search online. You can also combine birthstones such as yours and hers, or make it a family piece by also adding in the birthstones of your children. Family birthstone rings and pendants are incredibly popular.

A Big Anniversary Calls for a Big Gift

Now what if the jewellery you are purchasing is meant to commemorate a big anniversary such as a 15th or 25th wedding anniversary? This is the perfect time to look at a diamond tennis bracelet. These are seen as one of the most spectacular pieces of jewellery to gift as they combine elegance and beauty. The design is simple enough that it can be worn daily with any outfit, yet is eye-grabbing since they reflect the light so brilliantly.

You do have choices with tennis bracelets too, choosing the type of metal (yellow or white gold, platinum or silver), the size of the diamonds, the shape of the diamonds and even how they are set in the bracelet. Some tennis bracelets have a more classic design whereas others feel more modern.

A Family Heirloom Is the Ultimate Romantic Touch

Then there is the jewellery that’s not new but rather carries history. Family heirlooms are always a wonderful gift and are filled with love and romance. It could be a ring, a set of earrings, a beautiful pendant or even an antique brooch. The fact you love her enough to give her something so special to your family’s history will bring tears to her eyes.

Engraving a Piece of Jewellery Adds the Extra Touch

Even after you’ve picked the perfect piece of jewellery for the woman in your life, you can make it more romantic by engraving it. This will personalise the piece and make it unique, choosing anything you want to engrave on it. It may be a special line, her name, your initials together, a memorable date, you decide.

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