Mother’s Day is only on the 26h of March, but choosing a gift shouldn’t be a last-minute decision. When it comes to jewellery, planning ahead can give you the necessary time to decide on a unique piece, have something resized or pick out the perfect accessory.

At Martins of Glasgow, we provide jewellery services that can help you attain the jewellery piece you’re envisioning, so take a look at what we can offer just in time for Mother’s Day:

Remodel a Piece

Sometimes, the best gift can be transforming a sentimental piece into something extraordinary. Jewellery remodelling can provide you with the perfect gift, as it allows you to take a jewellery piece (or materials/components of a piece) that is not used anymore and elevate it to new heights. Whether it’s because the piece is no longer fashionable or because the wearer may not like it anymore, remodelling can provide the right solution.

We use the same materials and transform your jewellery piece into a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day!

Create Jewellery

What’s more unique than creating a bespoke jewellery piece for Mother’s Day? Commission us your design or enlist our help, and we can create a one-of-a-kind pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings or brooch that no one else will have! You can even pick out the right birthstone and make this gift even more special.

No matter the request, we’ll always strive to achieve what you have on your mind – or on a piece of paper.


Another fantastic gift for Mother’s Day is offering an engraved piece. Whether it’s an existing piece or an entirely new one, you can add a signature (even if it’s runes or written in Elvish!), a family crest or any other engraving you desire, which will ensure the wearer will thoroughly enjoy the uniqueness of the piece.

Our engraver is one of the finest in Scotland, and can bring your vision to life and guarantee a happy customer – and a great Mother’s Day! Because of the popularity of this service, you should start thinking about what you wish to engrave now, as we are unable to accept same-day or next-day orders.

We might be able to do so, however, if you purchased the item from us, but it will still depend on how busy we are.


Restringing is also a popular choice. Many jewellery pieces become damaged over time or even lose some of its components; restringing can complete an existing beaded piece, whether it has natural, cultured or synthetic pearls or beads, jet amber or crystal, for instance.

We provide a matching service for lost or missing pearls as well, which means we can restore a piece to its former glory and you can offer the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Mother’s Day is not that far away, so start planning your gift today! Gifts for your mother, grandmother, stepmother, the mother of your children, etc., don’t have to be over the top, and will often have a deeper meaning if they’re carefully thought out with a beautiful message behind it!