Many years ago, watches looked very different. Gentlemen were largely restricted to the use of pocket watches within normal society, until Louis François Cartier developed a wristwatch for a male aviator; a move which ultimately led to the widespread adoption of wristwatches. Throughout horological history, styles have continued to change, and now the so-called ‘smartwatch’ is very much a talking-point in our modern world.

The Latest Smartwatches

We’ve discussed Google’s wearable android watches before here on our blog, but they are by no means the only company to be making strides within the field of smartwatch development, as recent news reports that both Samsung and LG have now unveiled new products. Many people have been waiting for some time for Apple to enter the smartwatch scene, but the technological giant has remained fairly quiet about its forthcoming plans, allowing Samsung and LG to step to the fore.

According to the BBC News website, these latest smartwatches will be designed in a more fashion-conscious sense than their predecessors, and LG’s design in particular looks very similar to a fairly ‘traditional’ wristwatch. So, are these smartwatches just a passing craze? Or is this almost exclusively what the field of ocular horology will look like in a few years. Well, nobody knows for sure, but the most likely unfolding of this particular situation is that the smartwatch won’t displace the ‘classical’ wristwatch.

Are They ‘The Future’?

The concept behind a smartwatch is the adoption of technological compatibility, and because of the inevitable advancement of technology the concept of a ‘luxury’ smartwatch is rather difficult. Such a wristwatch would become obsolete in a matter of years, or even months, and so it would be unlikely to ever carry the prestige of a brand name such as Omega or Rolex. Although some watchmakers like TAG Heuer have experimented with smartwatches as a side project, such undertakings are expected to remain curiosities, rather than serve as the herald of a brand new age of horology.

So, whilst the wristwatch may now reign supreme over the pocket watch, don’t expect the smartwatch to follow suit any time soon. The long-standing histories of the most celebrated watchmakers are too firmly established to be overrun by the advent of the smartwatch, and the appeal of mechanical movements is too strong. Similarly, many smartwatches are more akin to ‘companion’ devices for smartphones and the like, and it’s therefore difficult to see them being favoured for use at something like a dress occasion.

It’s probable that smartwatches and classic luxury watches will rub shoulders for quite some time, sometimes crossing boundaries, but remaining largely distinct. Because of that, the team here at Martins of Glasgow will remain available to carry out Omega watch repairs and the like; we don’t expect our favourite mechanical watch brands to be swept under the carpet just yet! To find out more about our services, contact Martin now by calling 0141 946 6333 or emailing today.