You would be forgiven if you thought that, here at Martins of Glasgow, we worked our magic to repair broken watches and to provide expert tag watch repair services. The truth, however, is that we adore jewellery of all kinds and work night and day to produce fine, elegant jewellery to a high standard you’ll feel proud to wear.


Rediscover Your Love of Jewellery

There are a number of ways we try to stand out from the crowd; to set ourselves aside from our friends and family and make a lasting impression on people. It could be how we style and colour our hair, the archaic, retro or in-style clothes we wear, the way we stretch or tilt our words, or even how we hold ourselves. Sometimes, however, we opt for a more subtle approach to our statement making, such as a unique and beautiful piece of jewellery.

From ornate broaches, to stunning antique rings and heavy, ostentatious pendants, jewellery of all forms has fascinated us for decades. Sometimes, however, you may find the jewellery you once loved no longer suits you; that it simply lays there, at the bottom of your jewellery box, hidden beneath the latest necklace or a ring box completely forgotten.

Re-modelling jewellery isn’t about tearing apart what you once loved and replacing it with something completely different. It’s about taking aspects of your old jewellery and creating a piece of up-to-date, wearable jewellery you’ll fall in love with all over again!



Treasure Your Memories

When you’ve fallen out of love with a piece of jewellery, whether you’re tired of wearing the same necklace, or whether a particular aspect of the design has simply grated on your nerves one too many times, you forget why you once loved it.

The memories you created with that piece of jewellery remain with it, discarded at the bottom of your jewellery box. By reimagining the design of your piece of jewellery you’re able to reignite those old memories and create new ones too.



There’s nothing more satisfying than wearing a completely unique piece of stunning jewellery. Since 1987 we’ve been supplying our customers with experienced, dedicated and unbeatable craftsmanship on re-modelled jewellery as well as watch  repairs. We make the unimaginable happen so if you’d like a piece of jewellery re-modelled, or if you’ve been told your watch is un-repairable, contact us today on  0141 946 6333 and we’ll be happy to help.