A watch strap can be the part of your time piece that experiences the most wear and tear over time. But luckily, for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts, it is relatively easy to replace a watch strap and install a new one.

The process requires a new strap, of course, and a small flat headed screwdriver. It is important that you acquire a new strap that matches the maker of your watch, a Rolex with a Cartier strap for example is a Frankenstein of a watch that we here at Martins cannot condone. With these acquired and your watch in hand you are ready to replace your strap!

Out With the Old

The strap of a watch on most models is held in place by a spring-loaded bar called a spring-bar. This fits into the indents on the inside of the case and goes through the loop at the end of your strap, or is simply attached to the end of the bracelet. To remove the strap you must press one end of this spring bar until it releases, the other end will simply lift out easily.

Before attaching your new strap or bracelet it may be a good idea to clean your watch whilst you have it apart, especially if it is a watch material that needs regular maintenance – it means you can kill two birds with one stone!

In With the New

To attach your new strap you must insert your spring-bar into the new strap, then place one end into the watch case; it is important that you have the strap the right way round at this point. Then you use the screwdriver to press the other end of the spring-bar down and slip it into place. It should click into place after some wriggling.

Here at Martins of Glasgow we are passionate about your time pieces and keeping them in the best condition possible. If you want to leave the maintenance of your watch to the professionals then we are more than happy to service any number of repairs it may need; a watch is with us every day of our lives and it is understandable that damage or wear occurs – we are happy to help you keep your watch looking like new for many years to come.

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