If you love watches, you’re going to need to schedule a watch repair in Scotland at one point or another. From basic glass replacement to detailed repairs, you need the right professional for the job, especially if you own a luxury or vintage timepiece.

When a watch is opened and handled incorrectly, it can result in permanent damage, so we decided to put together some tips for finding the right horologist in Scotland.

Choosing a Watch Repair Professional in Scotland

Here is what to consider before you send your watch in for repairs.

  • Check Any Available Reviews

Reputation is everything and can tell you a lot about what you can expect from a watch repair professional in Scotland. A simple online search can provide you with reviews from past customers that will help you make a more informed decision.

  • Find Out About Qualifications

Next, you want to find out more about qualifications and experience. How long as this person been repairing watches and do they have any certifications? A true professional will have the right mix of hands-on experience and industry knowledge. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask questions regarding a professional’s qualifications and experience before sending your watch in for repairs.

  • Ask About the Types of Watches They Repair

Not every watch repair professional in Scotland is able to repair every type of watch. Find out whether they can assist you with your specific brand and model. When a horologist is familiar with a particular type of watch, you can rest assured they won’t end up damaging it.

  • Find Out About Cost

Next, get a quote for the repairs. You may be able to get a basic price over the phone, but for a more accurate quotation, the watch needs to be evaluated in person. It should be noted that a low price isn’t always a good thing. It’s essential to consider experience and reputation too.

  • Check for a Warranty

Industry experts will almost always offer a warranty on their work. If a warranty is in place, make sure you receive confirmation in writing – an oral warranty is not enough.

  • Ask About Replacement Parts

Once your watch is repaired, you want it to stay in good working condition for as long as possible. When you’re dealing with an expensive watch, it’s best to get original replacement parts. Instead of assuming that original parts will be used, rather ask about the parts before you leave your timepiece in the hands of someone else.

Settling on a Watch Repair Professional in Scotland

Once you have decided on a reputable professional such as Martin’s of Glasgow, you can book your watch in, knowing that it’s in safe hands. Don’t forget to ask how long your repairs will take so that you know exactly what to expect.

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