In our last blog, we took a look at how a whole variety of factors contributed towards the intrinsic value of a high status watch brand, and this time we thought it was worth pointing out how a recent development from TAG Heuer illustrates one of our points perfectly. This point was how an iconic brand ambassador can greatly influence what people perceive as luxury, and few horological names know this better than TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer pride themselves on going against the grain at times, and they have recently made history with the world’s first belt driven tourbillon (previously featured in one of our other posts). Now, their latest news has revealed that they have recruited Cristiano Ronaldo to serve as one of their brand ambassadors. Ronaldo holds a place in history for being the most expensive football player ever, and is also one of the most prolific goal scorers of all time. When you consider that TAG Heuer is producing unprecedented timepieces, and marketing them using such media superstars, it comes as no surprise to find that their watches are often highly priced.

Of course, TAG Heuer is not the only watch brand to utilise such marketing strategies. For example, the platinum Rolex that was released at last year’s Baselworld event was designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this popular range, and so to promote this special timepiece Rolex called upon Roger Federer to get involved in the media shoots. As a supremely successful sportsman, and more to the point an almost universally venerated person who is looked up to as a role model, few other people could have lent more prestige to an already stunning wristwatch.

As you can see, the Rolex we’ve just mentioned commands high value from several perspectives. For example, it was already superbly high-class because it was formed out of platinum, one of the most esteemed jewellery materials imaginable, but at the time of its release Federer was given almost exclusive access to this watch, which would have built up the perception of luxury even further.

Fundamentally, anyone who views a luxury watch knows that it is worth having not only because it is a splendidly engineered instrument of precision, but also because of the high-status celebrities who champion it. As such, it makes great sense to take very good care of your timepiece, and here at Martins of Glasgow we can service and repair any watch you might have to restore it to its peak condition. From Rolex to TAG Heuer watch repairs, we can maintain any sort of watch, and have a wealth of experience even when repairing complex mechanisms. If you’re looking to have your watch serviced or repaired, be sure to contact us and we’ll be pleased to help.