These days, when our personal belongings appear to break, we have grown used to throwing them out and replacing them at little cost. This ‘throwaway society’ isn’t just bad for our pockets; it’s bad for the environment too. Of course in some instances, your shoe, sock or even an item of jewellery may simply be beyond repair, but very often items can be fixed; most notably, watches.


Family Heirlooms

Watches are one of the most commonly passed-down family heirlooms and this owes a lot to two factors. Firstly because they are easy to repair by someone in the know, increasing their working longevity, and secondly because they are often treasured personal items that fondly remind descendants of a deceased relation.

If you have a good quality watch that you would like to pass down to your children or grandchildren, it’s certainly worth repairing it when it breaks.

The Secret Life of Watches

Watches are made from a lot of small mechanisms and often it may only take one fault to stop the whole watch. What not a lot of people know, however, is that a skilled watch repairman or woman will know how to fix it, even when it appears beyond repair to you.

A damaged dial may stop the watch or even a cracked screen, but the rest of the watch may be fine, which means you shouldn’t throw it out at all, but get it repaired.

A Throwaway World

The waste from modern life is building up and whilst we can’t always see it, it has to go somewhere, often to other countries or to the sea. Encouraging yourself and your children to repair things that are broken will lessen the effects of landfill waste in our world.

Be it repairing your favourite watch, darning socks, gluing a serving bowl or fixing a table leg, repairing rather than replacing is the best thing you can do for the world around you.

When to Replace

There will, sadly, be times when a watch is simply beyond repair. Before you make this assumption yourself, speak to your local watch repair experts Martins of Glasgow to make sure. You’ll be surprised by what they can fix.

Repairing a precious watch is cheaper and more sensible than replacing it. If you’re not sure whether your watch can be repaired or what sort of repairs we can do, do contact us for more information.