The concept of a smartwatch is nothing new, and we’ve spoken about this popular trend here on our blog before. For most watch enthusiasts, the smartwatch is offering something very different to the typical idea of a luxury timepiece. Last time, we spoke about how the technological focus of a smartwatch sits poorly alongside the concept of luxury, as technology is virtually obsolete as soon as it is released. As such, the expectation that prestige Swiss manufacturers would suddenly begin producing smartwatches was very low, yet that hasn’t stopped TAG Heuer from having their say.


The TAG Heuer Smartwatch

When you ask most people about smartwatches, the name ‘Apple’ is going to spring into mind pretty quickly. However, TAG Heuer – a Swiss luxury watch brand with a particular reputation for bold new designs – has allegedly decided to compete with such giant technology brand names in the smartwatch arena. According to sources like Pocket-Lint, the CEO of TAG Heuer has revised his initial belief that ‘smart-gadgets’ are a fad, and now the company plans to create their own smartwatch. In fact, as of March, they’ve been hard at work doing so.

A ‘Mechanical Smartwatch’?

Stating in no uncertain terms that their smartwatch won’t just be an Apple ‘clone’, TAG Heuer have released very few concrete details about the forthcoming watch, but rumours say that it won’t be presented without ‘supplemental mechanical action’ (at the very least). Officially, TAG Heuer have not confirmed a release date for this model, suggesting a provisional unveiling during late 2015, but more recent new articles are claiming that an imminent announcement could be in the pipeline.

Nearing the Release Date…?

Techradar’s December feature on the subject teases a potential January promotion, and similarly suggests that complications which record ‘steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned’ will all be used upon the wristwatch. It certainly sounds exciting, so all that remains to be seen is whether the eventual product matches up to these speculations. Naturally, that means some waiting is in order, but, in the meantime, remember that Martins of Glasgow are ready and able to carry out any and all of your existing needs for TAG Heuer watch repairs.

Martins of Glasgow has a long history when it comes to servicing the notoriously finicky timepieces from TAG Heuer, and you’ll be able to continue to bring your watches in for repair in the future too, even if fresh directions begin to be apparent. If you’d like to find out more information, be sure to contact Martin by calling 0141 946 6333 or emailing