The concept of luxury watches is almost synonymous with Switzerland, and many of the leading Swiss manufacturing brands have become giants of the watch making industry, with the country producing some of the most expensive watches available on the market today. Despite their often hefty price tag, there is no sign of a decline in demand for Swiss-made watches, and indeed as reported by an article published in The Economist, exports of watches made in Switzerland have grown by 32% in value over the past two years, to $23.3 billion.

One of the many reasons why Swiss-made watches are such a renowned choice can be traced back to the country’s long history of producing time pieces of the highest quality. The tradition of Swiss watch making began in the 16th century in the prosperous city of Geneva, and it is widely reported that this vibrant city played host to the world first watch making guild.

Whilst growth of the emerging Swiss watch making industry was initially slow, it was soon to flourish, spreading across the country, and by the mid 19th century the country had become the world’s largest and most important watch manufacturer.

Today the Swiss watch making industry is highly profitable, and there are currently strict regulations in place regarding what can be labelled as ‘Swiss-made’ in order to protect Swiss manufacturers.

Some of the world’s most well-renowned luxury watch brands, such as Omega, notable for its accumulation of numerous awards for its high quality and innovative products over its long history, originate from Switzerland and indeed the company continues to be based there. The brands origins can in fact be traced back to the work of Louis Brandt at Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1848.

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