Are you an avid traveller who loves exploring destinations around the world? Do you love all vacation styles, from laid-back beach holidays to exploring city centres and taking it slow in the countryside? If so, you need to be ready for whatever is thrown your way in terms of essential jewellery pieces, and there is no piece as essential as a watch.

International travel can be stressful and hectic, so you need a timepiece that can accommodate your lifestyle and travels. With that said, this watch guide is meant for globe-trotters like you. We’ll identify different timepieces for different journeys so you know which one to invest in.

Love Adventure and Getting Off the Beaten Track – You Need a Rugged Watch

Whether you call yourself an adventure seeker, an adrenaline junkie, or someone who loves to explore the unknown – getting off the beaten track is a very popular type of travel. The best part is that you can do this at any destination. It’s all about unique itineraries, letting the road take you where it may, and being open to fun and exciting new experiences.

With all that said, you need a watch that can handle all kinds of different scenarios. Adventure travel doesn’t always take place in warm and dry climates. Sometimes, you may find yourself in rainstorms, windy conditions, cold temperatures, snow, etc.

This means you need an all-around rugged watch that can handle various conditions. Generally speaking, this is the most universally pleasing watch style for globe-trotters. Think of it as the one-size approach to timepieces. Look for a good-quality, secure, snug wristband with a shatterproof watch face, lightweight enough that it won’t feel like it’s weighing you down and performs the essential duties of a watch.

Taking a Beach Vacation – Waterproof Watches Are the Safest Option

Beach vacations are one of the most popular styles of holidays, and for good reason. Is there anything more relaxing than lazing on the beach in the warm sun while listening to the waves lap along the shoreline?

To ensure you’re not worrying about your watch, look for a style that is waterproof or, at the very least, water resistant. Water resistant means it can take a little water, like splashes, whereas waterproof means you can swim with it on. A rating will be given to the watch which specifies how deep you can go with it. You never want to push it past the limits as the watch face may crack or water may get in it.

If you plan on diving and snorkelling, it’s best to choose a professional-grade diving watch to ensure it meets the conditions.

Exploring a City by Foot – Consider Something with Fitness Tracking

Then we have city-style holidays wherein you’ll be doing lots of exploring on foot. You probably don’t have to worry about ruggedness and water resistance, but you may want something with fitness-tracking capabilities.

A watch that can track steps, heart rate, calories burned, has a built-in GPS, and more can be incredibly useful as you trek around the city. Not only that, but these can sync with smartphones allowing you to access such things as text messages, see incoming calls, your calendar, emails, and so much more.

If you invest in a smartwatch, look for one with a long-lasting battery, a fast charge cycle, compatibility with your smartphone, and a lightweight, breathable strap.

Know Your Needs So You Can Pick the Right Timepiece

Choosing the right watch for your globe-trotting travels is all about understanding what kind of traveller you are. Think about the destinations, the activities you will be doing, and what you demand from a watch.

If you have any questions regarding watch selection or need help fixing a watch you own, be sure to contact us at Martins of Glasgow.