Remodelling jewellery is becoming more fashionable as time goes by. More and more people are leaning towards this trend to get pieces that they are more likely to use and care about. People praise the trend for its many good benefits but is it all good news, or is there a bad side to this idea?

What Does it Mean to Remodel Jewellery?

Remodelling or remaking jewellery is the act of taking an old or broken piece of jewellery and turning it into something new that you will want to wear. Here are a few examples:

  • Take a stone or gem from an old ring, earring, or necklace and set it in an entirely new made-to-order piece. 
  • Melting down an old piece and remodelling it into a completely new shape or style. 
  • Melting down or reshaping a variety of older pieces to make one new piece. For example, melting down pieces of broken necklace chains to make a single necklace. 
  • Taking a piece and changing its shape or the way the stones are set on it gives it a completely new look. 

The Pros of Remodelling Jewellery

There are many good reasons to consider remodelling jewellery. 


In a world where recycling is becoming a more urgent matter, remodelling jewellery is seen as another way to recycle. 

Instead of digging in the earth to find new precious stones, people use what they have to hand to make new pieces. This is helping the planet to be more sustainable.

Emotional Attachments

If you are a widow who has lost a husband or a child who has lost parents, you would often keep the rings as a memento. Chances are the rings never fit correctly, but you never want to leave them in a drawer or somewhere out of sight. 

Remodelling jewellery allows you to turn those pieces into something you can actually wear. Whether that means resizing them or turning them into a completely new piece that you can wear with pride, it enables you to take that memory of them with you everywhere you go. 

The Broken Jewellery Box

If you are one of these people with a jewellery box that holds the few pieces you wear and another jewellery box full of broken pieces, old pieces, and pieces missing stones, remodelling is for you. 

Remodelling allows you to breathe life into these old, lost, and forgotten pieces. Some of which may carry family history and timeless memories. You don’t need to let them waste away to nothing in an old box. Remodelling will make you proud to wear these pieces once more. 

The Cons of Remodelling Jewellery

There is only one con to remodelling jewellery—the cost. 

Essentially, when you place an order for a piece of jewellery to be remodelled, you are asking for a bespoke piece. A piece that is unique to be made for you and you alone. Why does this incur such a cost?

Think about all the work that has to go into this piece. 

First, there is the design process where the piece must be designed and measured. Then there is the labour involved. This is time-consuming work. Working with jewellery is fiddly and needs expert hands to complete successfully. Then there are problems that might arise. The original piece may have unexpected damage; the new piece might need specific gems to be sourced, etc. 

All these little things together create a higher cost. But remember, the piece you get at the end is unique to you, making this a very personal and worthwhile journey. 

Do You want to Remodel a piece of Jewellery?

If you wish to have some jewellery remade or remodelled, please do not hesitate to contact either Gail or Martin at Martins Jewellers in Glasgow. Our expert staff can help you to design the perfect piece for your treasured memories or family history. 

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