Sending your watch to be repaired can feel like a big occasion. It is precious, beautiful and you are already fraught over the damage that has already incurred. Fear not, a watch repairer has the heart and skills to bring your watch back from even the worst of conditions. These brave warriors have the tenacity to do what we fear to do in our own homes.

So, just what does it take to become a skilled and dedicated watch repairer?


A happy male teacher dressed smartly and smiling in a school corridor. He is holding folders and a digital tablet.

The feeling of reward can come from any profession. Someone may find reward in a high-pressure office role, in the seat of a bus as they drive people around a city or in the inner workings of the most intricate of watches. The same rush of enthusiasm can race through all of these activities – fuelling the artisan talent that goes into making the best repairs possible on a watch. The ability to inject this enthusiasm into one’s work is a unique talent which makes the product of such work extra special.

Love of the Craft

A watchmaker or repair man in action, viewing very closely a swiss watch.

Above and beyond, a successful watch repairer must love what they do. It is like any profession – if there is no passion behind the action then it shows quite clearly. A person who has a love of watches has true feeling for that which they repair, it shows in the excellence of their work. The premier service provided is a direct result of the love that has funded the practice in the first place. Each screw, every inch polished and mechanism delicately put back into place is done with the utmost care and respect.


Of course, you cannot forget about the actual skills involved in the art of watch repair. The day-to-day life of a watch repairer will include dismantling, servicing and repairing different pieces with numerous different characters and stories. Cleaning clock mechanisms, ensuring that they are running at their optimum levels. Even buffing the little scratches and scrapes that may have accumulated on a well-loved clock face. These skills do not require any formal education, but a background in art and design is usually something which lends well to this artisan practice. The skill and dedication are born of the love of the craft.

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