If you need a vintage watch repair, it’s essential to find the right expert.  Many of these timepieces are priceless due to their sentimental nature or because they are an heirloom that has been passed down your family for generations.  Entrusting your vintage watch repair to the lowest cost repair shop or to a regular “High Street” jewellers, which may not be equipped to handle this specialised repair, is a risk you should consider carefully.


vintage watch repair

If your repair isn’t completed properly the value of your watch will be eroded or, in the worst case scenario, you risk losing your timepiece forever.

When looking for a trusted company to complete a vintage watch repair, ask them what type of watches they are experienced in. Ask about your specific model of watch and if they’ve repaired that previously. You should also chat about their experience in providing a repair for your actual issue. You don’t want to place your timepiece and trust in a company to fix or replace the mechanism, only to find out they generally replace watch straps, batteries and glass.

It helps if you explain any issues you are experiencing with your watch and/or your requirements in writing, to remove the chance of misunderstanding. Then if there is more than one person involved in the chain of communication for your watch repair, you can be confident that your instructions will not be misconstrued, compared to verbal instructions which may get unintentionally altered as the “chat” moves down the line.

It’s also always sensible to check out reviews from other customers.  Check out the website and social media pages to find out what people are saying about their expertise and level of service.

At the end of the day, less is more.  Your watch will retain more value or grow more in value, with only the minimal of replacements or repairs. Once it’s done it’s done; you can’t reverse parts being removed and replaced. Collectors will pay far more for a timepiece with most, if not all, of its original parts, so it is always best to entrust your vintage watch repair to a reputable and skilled company.

Martin’s of Glasgow have provided vintage watch repairs since 1992. We have searched, found and developed contacts with colleagues who can overhaul, repair and restore just about any watch. (There are exceptions)