Your TAG Heuer watch is truly a luxury item, so understandably you’ll want this terrific timepiece to last as long as possible. All models from the TAG Heuer brand are exceptionally durable and robust. However, taking the time to care for your watch properly will ensure that it keeps looking fantastic and works as accurately as possible. As specialists in watch repair, we’re going to share our knowledge with you to try to ensure that your luxury time piece lasts a lifetime.

Everyday Tips

  • When setting the time you should ensure that your watch is dry.
  • Do not change the date between 20.00pm and 04:00am.
  • Be exceptionally careful when moving the crown and, when putting the crown back in, ensure that it is screwed down carefully to preserve the water resistance of the product.
  • Keep your watch away from magnetic fields when it’s not being worn; devices like mobile phones and speakers can affect the performance of the watch.

 Water Tips

  • The water resistant properties of your watch will vary depending on the model, so ensure that you check exactly how much depth your watch can handle before entering the sea or a swimming pool.
  • It is recommended by TAG Heuer that a water resistance check is carried out on your watch every 12 months.
  • After exposure to salt water, you must rinse your watch with fresh water and then dry it to avoid corrosion or damage to parts.

Lifetime Tips

  • Every 2 years your watch should be checked and serviced; this will ensure that your watch is in full working order and that it is fully water resistant – Here at Martins of Glasgow we can carry out this service for you as well as any other TAG Heuer watch repairs you might need.
  • Every 3 – 6 years it is recommended that a full service of the watch is carried out; including a full inspection of all moving parts.


Make sure that you take the above advice into consideration and ensure that your TAG Heuer watch is in the best condition possible; you can find more tips on the official Tag Heuer website. For more information with regards to our repair services please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Martin’s of Glasgow.