TAG Heuer is one of the most exciting luxury watch brands in the world, and keeping up with their new and innovative watch designs can seem like an insurmountable task at times. Part of the reason for their constantly evolving timepieces is their strong association with many celebrated icons in the world of sport, and these collaborations always ensure that there is never a shortage of themed – or even limited edition – wristwatches for them to release.

The recent Grand Prix de Monaco (see above) has proved to be the impetus behind TAG Heuer’s latest release, and the exhilarating world of motorsport has always been one of TAG Heuer’s closest connections. With regards to the Monaco Grand Prix, TAG Heuer have been serving as the official partner of this sporting spectacle ever since 2011, although their Monaco watches paid generous amounts of homage to this race even before that date, and the influence of the F1 world is woven into many of TAG Heuer’s timepieces.

The latest release from TAG is a Carrera watch, a range of motorsport themed chronographs that makes up the cornerstone of TAG Heuer’s portfolio, and ever since 1963 this watch family has continually evolved and changed into ever more sophisticated forms. You can see some of the aesthetical changes that have taken place in the picture below, which shows both an early 1964 Carrera and a far more recent version from the last decade, yet even when you look at the latest Monaco inspired timepiece on the TAG Heuer website you can see that the original design influences are still present in some form.
Of course, the interior of TAG Heuer watches has changed even more than their exteriors. TAG Heuer take pride in pushing the boundaries of engineering just as much as the individuals who continue to enhance the capabilities within the world of motorsport, and the manually wound movements of yesteryear have given way to ultra-precise automatic movements that will remain accurate for much longer (usually as a result of simply being worn). TAG Heuer’s complete assemblage of watches is staggeringly diverse, and the ‘engines’ used by these timepieces are equally as varied, so at times repairing a TAG Heuer watch can seem problematic to say the least.

However, at Martins of Glasgow we have many years of experience when it comes to carrying out TAG Heuer watch repairs, so even these notoriously complex watches can be serviced and repaired with a huge degree of convenience. Given TAG Heuer’s vast range of watches over the years, we can’t always guarantee that a timepiece will be repaired with official parts, but we aim to do so whenever possible, and you’ll never find that your prized timepiece will be repaired using poor quality components. No matter how old or new your TAG Heuer watch is, we can help, so be sure to contact Martin by calling 0141 946 6333 or emailing martin@martinsjewellers.co.uk to find out more.