Almost everybody has heard the name Rolex. They know it is an expensive watch to own, often connected with status and money. But why is it so coveted? What makes a Rolex watch worth the price and the fame? 

Here you will find out what makes a Rolex so good. 

Humble Beginnings

In 1905 Hans Wilsdorf started a small watch company. He dreamed of an accurate watch worn on the wrist. While you could get wristwatches back then they were rare and inaccurate, often relying on the pendulum technique to keep time. 

Despite having very little, Hans believed in the future and in man’s ability to create. He was an entrepreneur who invented the world’s first waterproof self-winding wristwatch with a perpetual motor. This watch was a thing of excellence, with timekeeping so accurate it became a benchmark in the history of watchmaking. 

Making its Name

A genie picked the name Rolex, or so Hans says. He spent hours combining the letters of the alphabet in every way possible trying to find something that sounds right in every language. He wanted it to be simple, easy to remember, and easy to engrave.

It was 1908 in London, Cheapside, when the genie visited whilst he was riding a horse drawn omnibus. Rolex, the genie whispered, and it sounded right. 

The Quest for Perfection

Rolex watches are not accurate by chance. From 1905 down to this day Rolex strives for perfection. They continue Hans Wilsdorf work in pushing the limits to make the watch perfect. To that end they do not only hire watchmakers, they work with engineers and designers, experts in the fields of alloys, movements, gem setting and quality assurance. 

A single Rolex watch takes a year to make. They are mostly produced by careful expert hands. Through uncompromising requirements, they continue to pave the way forward for watchmakers all around the world. 

More Than Accurate

While accuracy and careful completion are essential components that make this watch so special, there are also other things to keep in mind. 

  • Every Rolex is made from the best quality materials and precious metals. 
  • Every single Rolex has been individually hand assembled with due diligence and care. 
  • The quality of a Rolex is more than above average. 
  • The older a Rolex gets, the more the value goes up (unless it gets damaged)
  • A massive range of styles and tastes so there is something to suit everyone. 
  • Innovative and impressive mechanical timekeeping that constantly aims for perfection. 


While a Rolex may be as close to perfection as watches tend to get, this doesn’t mean they won’t need help on occasion. The Rolex company even recommends maintenance on a Rolex watch every ten years. However, maintenance is best carried out by someone who is Rolex accredited. 

Here at Martins of Glasgow, we are fortunate to use the services of our Rolex accredited technician colleague, Graham. He is also known to be one of the best Rolex refinishers in the UK. Because of this, here at Martins of Glasgow, you can get your Rolex maintained, restored, or repaired. (Graham is not “allowed” to handle some specific  sports or professional models)

The Seadweller is a Rolex watch that lives may depend on, so you will require the services of a Rolex specialist. However, if you are seeking to restore a vintage model without the waterproof, we can service it with written confirmation from the owner that it won’t be used underwater. 

If you need to service, repair, or restore a Rolex watch, please contact Martins of Glasgow at or Gail, at Alternatively, pay us a visit at 1158 Maryhill Road, Glasgow.