Whether you’re commemorating an important milestone or simply want to spoil someone important, a watch is a gift that can last a lifetime. However, just like the clothes we choose to wear, watches are highly personal. This is one gift that requires some careful thought.

Here are some of our top tips for anyone buying a watch as a gift.

Buying a Watch as a Gift: Key Considerations

  • Set a budget. Before you even begin searching for a watch, set a budget. This will immediately help you narrow down your gift choices. Different watch brands and movements will affect the cost. It’s also recommended that you consider maintenance and repair costs before you purchase a watch as a gift.
  • Decide on a movement. As you start shopping for a watch, you’ll need to decide between a mechanical, automatic and quartz watch. Mechanical and automatic watches don’t need batteries to keep running, which makes them more timeless. You can also expect to pay more for a mechanical or automatic watch versus a quartz watch.
  • Consider the recipient’s lifestyle. How will this watch be worn? Does the recipient spend a lot of time in the office, or do they lead a more active lifestyle? Do they tend to go to a lot of events? Wear and functionality-type questions should be asked prior to settling on a watch.
  • Consider the recipient’s taste. Next, you want to consider the person’s style and taste. This means you need to have some idea of how they like to dress and their general style preferences. If you aren’t sure, speak to a trusted friend or family member who can offer you some insights. Some people prefer a more classic look with clean lines, while others prefer to make a bold statement – find out which box your gift recipient falls into.
  • Decide on a size. This goes hand in hand with selecting a specific watch style. The size of the watch face and band can make a big difference to the final look. For someone who likes a more classic and elegant look, you may want to opt for a smaller watch face. However, if you’re dealing with an active person with a large wrist, a larger watch face and a leather strap might be more fitting.

When shopping around for a gift, it’s best to stay away from trends, particularly if you want this to be a timeless gift. However, a limited edition watch could be just right for the person you have in mind.

If this is the first time you’re purchasing a watch as a gift, you may benefit from speaking to a professional about your options.