When it comes to purchasing the perfect jewellery item many factors can sway a person. Maybe you need a piece for a special occasion, perhaps something has caught your eye and it’s an impulse purchase, or you’re looking to update your current jewellery wardrobe with the trendiest styles of the season. For those who want to add a little elegance and style to the summer wardrobe here’s a look at what’s trending in jewellery. Let’s face it, jewellery is always the perfect accessory no matter the outfit.

Brightly Coloured Gemstones Are Popping Up Everywhere

This is a style that is incredibly easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe as it can be the statement to your look, or help pull things together. Brightly coloured gemstones are incredibly hot for summer 2023 showing up in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. It can be very fun and youthful to stack these pieces and mix different gemstones. Don’t worry about sticking within one colour story even when it comes to the metal being used. The more you mix and match, the more customised the pieces will appear.

Another great feature about gemstones is that they can be dressed up or down which means you can just as easily wear stacked gemstone rings with denim as you can a gemstone bracelet with a pantsuit for the office.

Oversized Pearls are Taking Centre Stage

Pearls are something that never goes out of style as they always exude sophistication. But for summer 2023 you can spice things up and look trendier by purchasing oversized pearl jewellery. That means an oversized pearl ring or perhaps chunky drop pearl earrings. Just like with the gemstones, pearls can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and outfit.

A tip when wearing oversized pearls is to let them do all the talking. You don’t want to mix and match this style as it will take away from the impact they have.

Shoulder Length Earrings Scream High-Fashion

For those who like setting more of a high-fashion statement, the shoulder-skimming earring trend is a must-do. The earrings should reach your shoulder blades and even longer for drama. Choose something that will be noticeable such as yellow gold or sterling silver, but at the same time opt for delicacy so they don’t look out of proportion. Because they will be skimming your shoulders, you’ll want to skip wearing a necklace with them.

Get Acquainted with Cocktail Rings

Want to expand your collection of rings this summer? A cocktail ring can make the perfect trendy addition. Cocktail rings are traditionally worn over opera gloves so they are oversized and eye-catching. You can take that same premise and just remove the need for the gloves. Remove any other rings you have on that hand so the cocktail ring gets all the attention.

Now Is the Time for that Classic Watch

If you’ve got a family heirloom watch or a traditional one that needs repair, now is the time to get it fixed up and ready to wear as watches are also having a moment. It’s something incredibly simple yet so traditional to add to an outfit.

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