Luxury jewellery is one of the most desirable status symbols on the market for a person that is seeking to make a strong statement of style. The inherent qualities of luxury jewellery items mean that they are typically a long lasting investment, although carelessness or unforeseen circumstances can always result in the need for jewellery repairs. However it is very easy to overlook the need to clean a luxury watch or item of jewellery, and many people are unaware as to why they should even do so.

Cleaning jewellery undoubtedly allows a substantial investment to look as good as it can do, for as long as possible. More importantly, cleaning luxury jewellery can actually help it to last for longer. The daily use of an item of jewellery can naturally expose it to all manner of chemical products, such as cleaning agents. These substances can be potentially damaging to softer gemstones and metals that are prone to tarnishing, such as silver. Even natural oils from the skin can prove harmful to porous gemstones over an extended timeframe,  physical activities can also be a danger to finely crafted jewellery, as can keeping all of your jewellery in one place alongside other costume pieces that are liable to become entangled.

Gemstones, especially diamonds, are apt to pick up dirt from perfumes, hand lotions or grease. A small amount of specialised gemstone cleaner will help to alleviate the effects that these substances can have on decorative stones, whilst softer stones can be cleansed using a soft cloth doused with lukewarm water. Washing up liquid can be a useful aid, although soap is generally to be avoided due to necessary oils that can stick to a jewellery piece. A small brush is a suitable tool for removing dirt, with the splayed out bristles of an old toothbrush proving to be particularly efficient in this endeavour. Polishing should be reserved only for those items that display a similarly burnished surface, whilst other finishes can be restored slightly by using a soft eraser to remove discolouration.

When cleaning jewellery yourself, it is vital to make sure that you examine the piece first, as hand cleaning a cracked or damaged piece of jewellery can actually make matters worse. Some materials are also most effectively cleaned by specialised equipment. In these cases, it is undoubtedly best to seek advice from professionals, such as the service that is offered here at Martins jewellers. Certain gemstones such as opals or turquoise require specific treatment methods, and our established family business has more than two decades worth of experience when it comes to cleaning and repairing jewellery, watches and clocks. We offer estimates at no charge to our customers, and have a proven track record of success even when dealing with jobs that have been refused by other companies, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice or practical assistance when cleaning your jewellery.