Many men assume huge engagement rings are at the top of the wish list of their beloved, but not every woman is like the beautiful Jennifer Lopez.  Ms Lopez has been proudly sporting her new huge engagement ring – an emerald-cut diamond from her wealthy fiancé, estimated to be worth anywhere from $1 million to $5 million plus.

If you’re thinking about popping that all important question soon, and don’t have the same budget as the rich and famous, are you worried that your lady will be disappointed with a smaller ring?

huge engagement rings

Well rest assured – for many women, huge engagement rings seem ostentatious and others just wouldn’t like to think they were walking around with £10,000 on their finger.  In fact some women in New York* reported that they just don’t feel the need to walk around with a huge rock on their finger and prefer an understated look.  Other women** said they be far happier with a modest engagement ring if that meant they could save money for their honeymoon and future travel experiences.

Of course there are women who are perhaps more traditional, and would like a huge engagement ring.  But if you’re stepping into marriage, you should already know what is important to your betrothed and she should understand if you have budgetary constraints. Rest assured, how much you spend on the engagement ring doesn’t reflect how much you love her!

There is an age-old debate about how much to spend on an engagement ring –  some say the right amount to spend should be based on a man’s monthly salary, others say it should be based on the woman’s age.  But nowadays, when it comes to how much you spend there really is no right or wrong answer. You should pick a ring that matches your budget and one that she will cherish for the rest of her life – it doesn’t mean that huge engagement rings are the only ones to consider.

If you’re considering buying a traditional diamond engagement ring, its price will depend primarily on the quality of the diamond.  For a smaller budget, it would be far better to choose a small high-quality diamond engagement ring that oozes class and simplicity.  Read our blog about which factors influence the cost of a diamond, and how you can buy the perfect engagement ring from £500 to a whopping £100,000 plus!

So when it comes to huge engagement rings, should you assume that your betrothed is expecting one? Not at all.  You need to try to sound her out a little to get a feel for her expectations.  If she’d rather have something simple so any extra cash can be spent on life-changing experiences, then go simple.  If she’s set her heart on the biggest engagement ring you can afford, then set a realistic budget, and shop around to find a ring you believe she will love – forever.