Everyone knows a Rolex watch is expensive and that many wealthy people sport one, but is that because they value the craftsmanship of the piece or because they want to flaunt their wealth? Either way, do opportunist thieves give two hoots? Is it actually safe to wear a Rolex watch nowadays?

rolex watch safe to wear


An authentic Rolex watch is considered as a worthy investment that will last a long time. It is a symbol of elegance, performance, and dependability. Watch aficionados are drawn by the qualities that are attached to the name ‘’Rolex’’, which evokes success, wealth, and prestige. Other people buy a Rolex watch because they are attracted by the brand’s remarkable history and tradition, and many watch collectors often buy a vintage Rolex watch as the first item of their collection. Rolex has such a strong reputation that its watches maintain their value better than the ones of many other prestigious brands.

Perhaps then it’s no surprise that some unscrupulous people want to get their hands on a Rolex watch – and some will go to extreme measures to do so.  Many of us will have read the case about Michael McIntyre* who was ambushed by a moped gang who demanded he hand over his £15K Rolex watch.

This kind of headline news may put off even the most ardent fan of Rolex from wearing their timepiece in public. However an interesting article from Business Insider*, where the author wore an expensive Rolex for a month, showed that most people didn’t even notice what type of watch it was unless he flaunted it.

Conservationist Philippe Cousteau* goes as far as saying that wearing a Rolex watch can keep you safe whilst travelling since you can use it like cash to barter to keep you out of trouble if the need arises.

Nowadays more and more sophisticated timepieces with GPS tracking devices are being introduced.  The real challenge is hiding the GPS from thieves by making it as inconspicuous as possible because if they find and remove the GPS, the watch is no longer trackable. There are also online services identifying lost or stolen watches. If you own a Rolex, it makes sense to register it with the Watch Register website http://www.thewatchregister.com/ which offers recovery and recognition services of lost and stolen watches internationally.

So is a Rolex safe to wear nowadays?  Since most people are unobservant, and unless you intend to flaunt your Rolex and your wealth to all and sundry, there’s no need to keep your wonderful watch hidden away under lock and key. Just make sure it’s insured and don’t give thieves a reason to target you!

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