Jewellery remodelling is more common than you may think! Many people have inherited jewellery and wish to change them according to their own tastes – or may even have unwanted jewellery that is not their style anymore.

Instead of selling the pieces, or keeping them but not enjoying them anymore (in the case of jewellery with sentimental value), remodelling can be the answer.

Why Should You Choose Remodelling?

This is because jewellery remodelling will offer you a whole new item made from the materials of jewellery you already have and don’t wear – whether because it’s damaged, unfashionable or simply not your personal preference. Redesigning your jewellery will not detract from its value, be it sentimental or financial; in fact, it can even add to it!

There are no drawbacks to taking your old pieces and using them to create a new jewellery piece that you can wear every day.

How We Can Help You

We can help you create the jewellery piece you always wanted out of your old pieces, and specialise in three main areas:

  • We can take your odd earrings, broken chains and items that are no longer fashionable and remodel them into different styles and pieces that you will be proud to wear! Our most common requests are for rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings, which we transform into new, trendy jewellery.
  • If you have an antique brooch, a wedding or diamond ring you have inherited or don’t wear anymore, or an old piece of jewellery that stays in the box at all times, we can help! Our remodelling services include designing a new jewellery piece with materials from the old one, which will give you a whole new item with the same sentimental value.
  • A popular commission is redesigning engagement rings by changing settings or transforming them into more modern pieces.

 An Example of Our Work

We always strive to create the jewellery piece you always dreamed of, and this couldn’t be more evident in the way we transformed these rings: one was an engagement ring, the other a wedding one, both with princess-cut diamonds.

The client wished for something more contemporary, with the request that we use all stones in one ring. We absolutely loved this challenge and can’t be more pleased with the end result, which is a modernised version of the two rings!

We can elevate your jewellery to new heights, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our remodelling service – we’ll answer your questions and work with you to achieve a jewellery piece you’ll fall in love with! You can also check out our website for more before-and-after examples so that you can be confident we will deliver exactly what you’re envisioning! And, if your jewellery needs repair or if you want it engraved, we can help restore it to its former glory as well.