Tag Heuer is one of those watchmakers that you know will give you perfection. For many, getting their first Tag Heuer watch is a rite of passage into the world of watches and watch collections. That said, it is important to know all you can about the watch before you take the plunge. Here are some important factors that you are going to want to know. 

Swiss Made – Why That’s Good

With a proud smile, people will declare that their watch is Swiss Made. You know that’s a good thing, but few understand why. 

Swiss watch makers have a history of creating accurate watches to a fraction of a second. They have a legacy of high-quality watches, handmade, extremely precise, and usually limited quantities. This invokes thoughts of luxury watches; watches made to last. Watches are world-renowned in terms of quality and the cutting-edge technologies used to make them. 

If you own a Swiss-made watch, you own a piece of timeless artwork. 

What Makes Tag Heuer Different

Many luxury watches are Swiss-made or have Swiss-made parts, so what makes the Tag Heuer watch stand out?

One of the main reasons you can count on a Tag Heuer to be accurate is its history. Tag Heuer watches were developed when sports events were increasing in popularity. Therefore it became more and more important for a sporting event to include extremely accurate timepieces.

Edouard Heuer recognised this need and created the oscillating pinion to increase the precise nature of his watches. This forever changed the way chronograph watches were made. 

Because of his advances in timekeeping precision, Heuer became the Olympic Games’ official timekeeper at Antwerp in 1920, Paris in 1924, and Amsterdam in 1928.

The Series Within the Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer watches have kept with the times whilst still maintaining their classical elements. You can find a Tag Heuer watch to suit many styles and interests. Consider some of the leading Tag Heuer series that people use today.

The Carrera

If you love motorsports or enjoy watching Formula One racing, then this watch series is designed to draw your eye. It’s a sports watch that has refined hands, making it easy to read, even when driving at full speed. Though they can be flashy, the design is one of flawless luxury but simple in nature, giving the wearer an uncluttered finish. 

The AquaRacer

Sporty watches did not end with cars. Tag Heuer also designed one for water sports. This watch looks completely different from the Carrera while maintaining the iconic Tag Heuer look. The 12 facet bezel prevents accidental turning when diving and makes it easy to grip. The engineering incorporates a safety clasp and a waterproof case. The design maintains the Tag Heuer uncluttered and flawless finish. 

Tag Heuer Connected

The watches in the connected series appeal to many different classes of people. The editions found here can be related to various subjects such as Golf, Porsche, and Super Mario, and come in both the classic style and as Smartwatches. 

Identifying Markers of a Tag Heuer

As with any luxury product, it is possible to buy Tag Heuer knock-offs. But if you are investing in a Tag Heuer watch, you will want the real thing. Here’s what to look out for. 

  • Every Tag Heuer Watch has a serial number with two or three letters and four numbers. You can search the serial number online to ensure it matches the watch you are buying
  • Every Tag Heuer Watch is finished with Sapphire Crystal Glass. Drip some water on it, and if it forms a pool, it is sapphire crystal. 
  • The Tag Heuer logo will be on the watch’s dial. If it looks misaligned or you see any glue residue, you are dealing with a fake. Tag Heuer watches are always made to a high standard of excellence. 
  • The crown is one of Tag Heuer’s Highlights. While turning his crown, you would expect everything to run smoothly. A fake would give resistance. 

Tag Heuer Servicing and Repair

At Martins of Glasgow, we can service and repair Tag Heuer watches. We have specialists with years of training and experience in performing repairs and servicing on Tag Heuer Watches.  

If you have a Tag Heuer watch or other luxury brands that you would like to be serviced, repaired, or restored to its former beauty, contact us at 0141 946 6333 or through our contact us page.