Horology has undergone many changes over the years, and many of these shifts have proved to be pretty permanent in nature. For example, wristwatches were originally the province of ladies, whilst men preferred the traditional pocket watch. Clearly this is a trend that is now long gone, as the market for gents’ timepieces is absolutely colossal, but some shifts are far less permanent in nature.


The Return of Pocket Watches

A great example of this fact is actually represented by the aforementioned pocket watch. When wristwatches became the norm, pocket watches began to dwindle in popularity, becoming the province of vintage events or collectors, but the recent news suggests that this fact could be on the verge of reversing. We’re not talking about a wholesale return of pocket watches in favour of wrist-worn timepieces, but rather the revival of the pocket watch in terms of a popular adornment.

‘Practical’ Pocket Watches

The Telegraph and Classic Driver have covered this topic in some depth during recent weeks. It’s pointed out that pocket watches have a lot to offer in terms of practicality, as they can be affixed to not only a waistcoat, but also something like the loop on the waistband of jeans, and there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to contemporary pocket watches either, as many watchmaking brands are continuing to add to the heritage of this already beloved instrument of timekeeping.

Plenty of Choice

Giants in the world of horology like Patek Philippe and Cartier are a natural fit when it comes to setting trends in pocket watch style, but many other manufacturers are beginning to offer extremely accessible pieces too. Big names like Longines have used pocket watch designs within their anniversary selections, and others like Rotary and Tissot are bringing this style-choice to an even broader audience. The way we see it, it looks as though the pocket watch is making a comeback.

This time last year, you’d probably have only seen a pocket watch worn at a period event or something like a very formal dinner occasion, but fast-forward one year and the wind looks like it’s blowing in a very different direction. Pocket watches may still be a distinct or even ‘quirky’ statement to adopt, but they’re very much back on trend. Of course, at Martins of Glasgow we’ll be able to repair and maintain any such timepiece for you, so no matter whether you need general watch repairs or brand specific practices like Omega watch repairs, we can help. For further information, contact Martin by calling 0141 946 6333 or emailing martin@martinsjewellers.co.uk.