With only days to go until the start of the prestigious Baselworld 2014 watch and jewellery fair, many watch enthusiasts are eagerly waiting upon the very latest releases that will doubtless be unveiled very soon. For Omega aficionados though, the sensation is somewhat different, as they already know exactly what is on the horizon, and are simply waiting to see it revealed ‘in the flesh’, so to speak.

Omega announced its Baselworld intentions more than a month ago, and discussions focusing upon these timepieces have been proceeding ever since. The Omega Speedmaster Mark II is the flagship product for the Swiss brand during this year’s show, and such an exciting release was all the more important to follow up last year’s breathtaking Omega Speedmaster Darkside of the Moon. A reintroduction of a classic watch, the new Speedmaster is introducing genuine first time innovations to this illustrious family, and with striking orange detailing it is unlikely to be overlooked when Baselworld opens its doors.

Not content with just one release though, Omega is also bringing a Constellation Pluma timepiece to the ladies as well. ‘Pluma’ is Latin for the word ‘feather’, and this inspiration is firmly engrained in the watch’s design by way of an engraved texture. In addition, a stunningly rare version of the Seamaster Planet Ocean is also being introduced. This revolutionary Planet Ocean is going to be formed out of orange coloured ceramic. Ceramic is an increasingly popular material for watchmakers to make use of in the modern world, and so making a statement piece that is as noticeable as this watch is likely to be an instant hit.

Clearly, the next Omega watches to be released look set to be well worth waiting for, and it goes without saying that Omega’s existing collection of timepieces can boast some of the most impressive specifications to ever grace the world of horology. Because of this, no matter what your Omega timepiece actually is you’re going to want to take care of it as capably as you possibly can. Many Omega innovations, such as the Co-Axial movement, already guarantee longevity, but looking into the possibilities for Omega watch repairs every few years can also help your watch to last for a lifetime.

At Martin’s of Glasgow we are proud to extend such a professional service for your convenience, and we have several decades of experience when it comes to repairing Omega watches. When such high value pieces are being considered, proper care is almost a necessity, so contact us now for any further information that you might need.