Fall In Love All Over Again: Re-modelling Old Jewellery


You would be forgiven if you thought that, here at Martins of Glasgow, we worked our magic to repair broken watches and to provide expert tag watch repair services. The truth, however, is that we adore jewellery of all kinds and work night and day to produce fine, elegant jewellery to a high standard you’ll feel proud to wear.


Rediscover Your Love of Jewellery

There are a number of ways we try to stand out from the crowd; to set ourselves aside from our friends and family and make a lasting impression on people. It could be how we style and colour our hair, the archaic, retro or in-style clothes we wear, the way we stretch or tilt our words, or even how we hold ourselves. Sometimes, however, we opt for a more subtle approach to our statement making, such as a unique and beautiful piece of jewellery. Read more