Remaking jewellery is a topic that is getting bigger as people find more ways to recycle. These days there are many reasons to remake jewellery. 

To Get Rid of Old Jewellery Pieces

Are you the type of person to hoard broken jewellery? Old necklaces, bracelets, and earrings without a partner are all pieces that you can take to a jeweller to be remade into something else. Take bracelets, for example, a collection of broken chains can be melted down and remade into a single fine bangle or another piece of unique jewellery. 

Create a Unique Piece

In the day and age of commercials, finding a piece that is truly unique can be both difficult and costly. By remaking your old jewellery into a new piece, you will have something that no one can walk into a store and purchase. It will be unique to you. 

Get Use out of Sentimental Jewellery

Sometimes families inherit the wedding rings of their parents. These rings hold great sentimental value but are often the wrong size to be worn, and if they can be worn it doesn’t always feel appropriate. 

Nowadays you can remake such pieces into a piece that can hold good high sentimental value for you. Some people have turned such pieces into necklaces where the rings have been melted down and merged into symbols showing the love of those parents. There are many things you can do with such precious pieces. 

Increase it’s Worth

Jewellery can lose value over time, especially if it has seen wear overtime or taken damage. By remaking the jewellery, you can increase its value by giving yourself a piece that will stand the test of time. 

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Recycling is a big issue in today’s world. By remaking your jewellery instead of buying new ones, you are caring for our planet and the environment around us. Every reused gemstone or diamond minimises the carbon footprint. 

Wear Your Favourite Pieces Again and Again

Sometimes you have a piece of jewellery that you love wearing but as time goes on it no longer goes with your fashion style, or it looks outdated, or people always comment on how ragged that piece is starting to look.

With the remaking services of a good jeweller, you can turn this old piece into something new. Then, later down the line, you can always opt to take it through the same process. You will be keeping your favourite piece and have the chance to wear it again and again while still looking fresh. 

Changing Something to Suit Your Style

Have you ever received a gift of value that you have no use for? Maybe a pearl necklace that looks like it belongs in the 60s. 

Remaking jewellery means that this gift can still become your favourite piece. By remaking the piece, you can make it look more modern or change the style to suit your preferences. 

Keeping a Generational Piece Going

There was a time when the mantelpiece in a home was carved by the next generation and the generation after. When looking at one of these generational pieces today you can see the entire history of the family who lived in the home over the years. 

With jewellery remaking services you can apply this to your jewellery. Consider a ring. It starts with one gem of value and is handed to the next generation. That generation remakes the ring and adds another gem. When the next generation inherits the ring, they add a little floral metal design. The next generation adds a gem to this design. And so on. You then have a piece of generational jewellery that is re-made with every family. 

Repairing Old Pieces of Jewellery that You Love

Maybe you have a ring that you love wearing but a stone is missing, or the band has been worn down, so it is really thin and has lost its plating. Remaking jewellery can fix this ring and give it a whole new life. If you want the gem moving, that can be done, you can choose a different plating, you can even choose a different gem from the original. 

By using what you have available and adding new pieces, maybe from other old pieces of jewellery you have brought in, you can completely remake your ring.

Bring a Piece Back to Life

Remaking jewellery does not necessarily mean completely changing a piece. Like in the above example you may simply have a piece of jewellery that has died from use over the years. One does not have to give the piece a complete makeover, they can simply have them restored. 

The difference between restoration and remaking a piece of jewellery is a very fine line. Can you call the piece the same if the band and gem is replaced? However, with remaking jewellery you can have a piece that is identical to the one that has worn out over time. A good jeweller can save what is good and restore what needs restoring to give your favourite piece look as good as it used to. 

Are you Considering Remodelling a Piece of Jewellery?

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