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what you need to know before you buy a tag heuer watch

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer is one of those watchmakers that you know will give you perfection. For many, getting their first Tag Heuer watch is a rite of passage into the world of watches and watch collections. That said, it is important to know all you can about the watch before you take the plunge. Here are some important factors that you are going to want to know. 

Swiss Made – Why That’s Good

With a proud smile, people will declare that their watch is Swiss Made. You know that’s a good thing, but few understand why. 

Swiss watch makers have a history of creating accurate watches to a fraction of a second. They have a legacy of high-quality watches, handmade, extremely precise, and usually limited quantities. This invokes thoughts of luxury watches; watches made to last. Watches are world-renowned in terms of quality and the cutting-edge technologies used to make them. 

If you own a Swiss-made watch, you own a piece of timeless artwork. 

What Makes Tag Heuer Different

Many luxury watches are Swiss-made or have Swiss-made parts, so what makes the Tag Heuer watch stand out?

One of the main reasons you can count on a Tag Heuer to be accurate is its history. Tag Heuer watches were developed when sports events were increasing in popularity. Therefore it became more and more important for a sporting event to include extremely accurate timepieces.

Edouard Heuer recognised this need and created the oscillating pinion to increase the precise nature of his watches. This forever changed the way chronograph watches were made. 

Because of his advances in timekeeping precision, Heuer became the Olympic Games’ official timekeeper at Antwerp in 1920, Paris in 1924, and Amsterdam in 1928.

The Series Within the Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer watches have kept with the times whilst still maintaining their classical elements. You can find a Tag Heuer watch to suit many styles and interests. Consider some of the leading Tag Heuer series that people use today.

The Carrera

If you love motorsports or enjoy watching Formula One racing, then this watch series is designed to draw your eye. It’s a sports watch that has refined hands, making it easy to read, even when driving at full speed. Though they can be flashy, the design is one of flawless luxury but simple in nature, giving the wearer an uncluttered finish. 

The AquaRacer

Sporty watches did not end with cars. Tag Heuer also designed one for water sports. This watch looks completely different from the Carrera while maintaining the iconic Tag Heuer look. The 12 facet bezel prevents accidental turning when diving and makes it easy to grip. The engineering incorporates a safety clasp and a waterproof case. The design maintains the Tag Heuer uncluttered and flawless finish. 

Tag Heuer Connected

The watches in the connected series appeal to many different classes of people. The editions found here can be related to various subjects such as Golf, Porsche, and Super Mario, and come in both the classic style and as Smartwatches. 

Identifying Markers of a Tag Heuer

As with any luxury product, it is possible to buy Tag Heuer knock-offs. But if you are investing in a Tag Heuer watch, you will want the real thing. Here’s what to look out for. 

  • Every Tag Heuer Watch has a serial number with two or three letters and four numbers. You can search the serial number online to ensure it matches the watch you are buying. 
  • Every Tag Heuer Watch is finished with Sapphire Crystal Glass. Drip some water on it, and if it forms a pool, it is sapphire crystal. 
  • The Tag Heuer logo will be on the watch’s dial. If it looks misaligned or you see any glue residue, you are dealing with a fake. Tag Heuer watches are always made to a high standard of excellence. 
  • The crown is one of Tag Heuer’s Highlights. While turning his crown, you would expect everything to run smoothly. A fake would give resistance. 

Tag Heuer Servicing and Repair

At Martins of Glasgow, we can service and repair Tag Heuer watches. We have specialists with years of training and experience in performing repairs and servicing on Tag Heuer Watches.  

If you have a Tag Heuer watch or other luxury brands that you would like to be serviced, repaired, or restored to its former beauty, contact us at 0141 946 6333 or through our contact us page. 

How complicated is it to repair a watch

How Complicated is it to Repair a Watch?

Put simply, how complicated a watch repair is, depends on the watch. While a generic watch that you can buy at any superstore may be easy for you to take apart and figure out, a high-end luxury watch will be a lot more difficult and have much more at stake if something goes wrong. 

Here’s why.

Generic vs Luxury

Repairing a generic watch is actually quite simple. You can learn to repair many generic watches yourself using YouTube videos and books. 

Similar to luxury watches, you will have many small parts to deal with. When you open the watch, you will need to take out and individually check, clean, polish and reoil all the little parts. A generic watch averages 130 tiny little parts. 

Can you imagine taking apart and replacing 130 little parts in the right order, method, and place? 

Could you do that with 400+ tiny parts? This is what makes high-end watch repair so complicated. 

Some watches have hundreds of tiny parts to deal with. The watches themselves don’t get much bigger, the parts get smaller, fiddlier, and way more accurate. Placing a part even a millimetre in the wrong direction can prevent the whole system from working as accurately as it should.  

What does a Service and Repair Involve?

Before you even start repairing or servicing a watch, you need to prepare your tools and workspace. This task is not complicated, but it is also not something the average layman would think to do. When is the last time you thought to sharpen a screwdriver?

Someone preparing to repair a watch will also need tweezers. It is not uncommon for a watch repairman to have different types of tweezers. Some will help with the accuracy of placement, others, like the brass tweezer, will be to prevent scratching of the surfaces inside the watch.

When you have everything prepared it’s time for your watch to come apart. Piece by piece it is cleaned, polished, oiled, but also checked for any defects or signs of wear. As time goes by the little parts inside a watch can rub off on each other causing wear, this will in turn damage the watch if the watch is not serviced. These are the parts that will need to be replaced. 

Replacing Parts

With a generic watch, replacing a part is as easy as finding the equivalent generic piece and swapping it out. 

However, the issue is much more complicated if you need to repair a luxury watch. There are so many things you need to consider. 

  • Are they still making parts for this watch?
  • Are the workings outdated?
  • Do I need to order direct from the manufacturer?
  • Will the manufacturer release parts to me?

In many cases, a watch repairman will have a generic piece that may work just as well for that particular piece that needs replacing. But a quality watch repair service will never use it. Yes, it would fix the watch, but can a Rolex still be classed as a Rolex if it has a generic replacement part inside? What would happen if that watch was ever sent back to Rolex for repair? 

Luxury watches are expensive, and the client always wants to keep the quality of that investment as high as possible. So, replacement parts must be exact. 

Putting it Back Together

If you thought taking apart a watch was complicated, consider the work involved in putting it back together. It’s not just all those tiny cogs, wheels and gears that need to fit behind the face, but all those tiny screws. 

While all the screws are tiny, it often happens that a watch has more than one size of the tiny screw inside that mechanism. Putting the wrong size screw in the wrong spot can cause damage to the workings of the watch. 

Every single screw needs to go back into the watch in the right place. For an experienced watch repairman, this is simple. But someone learning will repeatedly be faced with that frustration of having a screw leftover or worse, a screw that doesn’t fit in the last hole. 

High-End Watch Repair Service

Martins of Glasgow has been in the business of repairing watches since 1992. Their team is made up of technicians & contacts who can handle the overhaul, repair & restore just about any watch. These include high end makes like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, IWC, Jaeger leCoultre, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Longine, Tissot, and more.

If you have a watch that you would like to be serviced, repaired, or restored back to its former beauty, contact us 0141 946 6333 on or through our contact us page. 

what makes Rolex watches so good

What Makes a Rolex So Good?

Almost everybody has heard the name Rolex. They know it is an expensive watch to own, often connected with status and money. But why is it so coveted? What makes a Rolex watch worth the price and the fame? 

Here you will find out what makes a Rolex so good. 

Humble Beginnings

In 1905 Hans Wilsdorf started a small watch company. He dreamed of an accurate watch worn on the wrist. While you could get wristwatches back then they were rare and inaccurate, often relying on the pendulum technique to keep time. 

Despite having very little, Hans believed in the future and in man’s ability to create. He was an entrepreneur who invented the world’s first waterproof self-winding wristwatch with a perpetual motor. This watch was a thing of excellence, with timekeeping so accurate it became a benchmark in the history of watchmaking. 

Making its Name

A genie picked the name Rolex, or so Hans says. He spent hours combining the letters of the alphabet in every way possible trying to find something that sounds right in every language. He wanted it to be simple, easy to remember, and easy to engrave.

It was 1908 in London, Cheapside, when the genie visited whilst he was riding a horse drawn omnibus. Rolex, the genie whispered, and it sounded right. 

The Quest for Perfection

Rolex watches are not accurate by chance. From 1905 down to this day Rolex strives for perfection. They continue Hans Wilsdorf work in pushing the limits to make the watch perfect. To that end they do not only hire watchmakers, they work with engineers and designers, experts in the fields of alloys, movements, gem setting and quality assurance. 

A single Rolex watch takes a year to make. They are mostly produced by careful expert hands. Through uncompromising requirements, they continue to pave the way forward for watchmakers all around the world. 

More Than Accurate

While accuracy and careful completion are essential components that make this watch so special, there are also other things to keep in mind. 

  • Every Rolex is made from the best quality materials and precious metals. 
  • Every single Rolex has been individually hand assembled with due diligence and care. 
  • The quality of a Rolex is more than above average. 
  • The older a Rolex gets, the more the value goes up (unless it gets damaged)
  • A massive range of styles and tastes so there is something to suit everyone. 
  • Innovative and impressive mechanical timekeeping that constantly aims for perfection. 


While a Rolex may be as close to perfection as watches tend to get, this doesn’t mean they won’t need help on occasion. The Rolex company even recommends maintenance on a Rolex watch every ten years. However, maintenance is best carried out by someone who is Rolex accredited. 

Here at Martins of Glasgow, we are fortunate to use the services of our Rolex accredited technician colleague, Graham. He is also known to be one of the best Rolex refinishers in the UK. Because of this, here at Martins of Glasgow, you can get your Rolex maintained, restored, or repaired. (Graham is not “allowed” to handle some specific  sports or professional models)

The Seadweller is a Rolex watch that lives may depend on, so you will require the services of a Rolex specialist. However, if you are seeking to restore a vintage model without the waterproof, we can service it with written confirmation from the owner that it won’t be used underwater. 

If you need to service, repair, or restore a Rolex watch, please contact Martins of Glasgow at martin@martinsjewellers.co.uk or Gail, at gail@martinsjewellers.co.uk. Alternatively, pay us a visit at 1158 Maryhill Road, Glasgow.

How to Tell Whether It’s Worth Repairing Your Watch

How to Tell Whether It’s Worth Repairing Your Watch

When you start collecting watches, at one point or another, you will be faced with the question: Is it really worth it to repair this watch?

Sometimes, it’s easy enough to just cut your losses and get rid of the watch. However, if it’s a luxury or sentimental piece, the decision can be a little more difficult.

Repairing a Watch: What to Consider

Here is what you should consider before you make a final call.

What Is the Watch Worth?

In some cases, repairing a watch can end up costing more than what you bought it for. However, if it’s an heirloom or has personal sentimental value, the cost might be worth it. The other scenario when the repairs might be worth it is if you could sell it for a higher price.

Take the time to get your timepiece evaluated and do a little research to see what other enthusiasts are selling the same or similar watches for.

If you won’t be able to sell the watch for much and you have no problems replacing it, a repair doesn’t make much sense. Especially if you can purchase a brand-new watch for cheaper.

Here are the factors that determine the overall value of your watch.

The Cost of Purchasing a New Watch

If you decide that you would rather purchase a new timepiece, find out what it would cost to service and repair. You may be able to purchase a watch at a great price, but you could end up having to budget for much higher service and repair costs.

All watches need to be serviced and if you care for your watch correctly, repairs don’t have to be a common occurrence. It’s worth finding out more about these additional costs before you invest in a new timepiece.

The cost of a watch service or repairs will also depend on the horologists you use and where you are located. Something extra to keep in mind.

If you think you may want to sell the watch a few years down the line, it’s best to do some additional research to ensure it would, in fact, be a true investment. Here are some of our top watch investment tips.

In summary, deciding whether a watch repair is worth it depends on how much it means to you and whether you plan to sell it later on. If you need any further advice, contact us about a watch valuation.

Watch Investment Tips_Martins of Glasgow

7 Need-to-Know Watch Investment Tips

The right kind of watch kept in a good condition can end up with a high price tag over time. This is not to say that you should only invest to sell though – owning a unique or vintage watch can be priceless.

If you do want to go the route of investing in a timepiece, it is important to familiarise yourself with brands, models and how the watch valuation process works. Brand is certainly not everything though. Rarity, craftmanship and demand also play a role – discontinued watches are in particular demand.

Most people are familiar with brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe but demand for brands such as Omega, Tudor, Heuer and Panerai are on the rise.

Since modern watches are manufactured in larger quantities, the return on investment is not as sizeable – not now anyway.

Watches that tend to increase in value over the years are as close to their original condition as possible. Variations of an original model are not as valuable.

Let us get into a few top tips that will help you better understand how to invest in a timepiece or two.

Investing in Watches – 7 Pro Tips

1.Look at Brand Reputation

Watch brands that have impressive reputations are far more likely to sell for higher prices later on. Start by looking at the reputation of the watch brands you are considering before you take the next step.

2. Spend Time on Research

Next, spend time looking at watches that have increased in value over the years and consider why. By connecting the dots and looking at why a watch’s value has increased, you can identify similar characteristics in potential timepieces. Some watches just keep their value better than others, Rolex being one of these brands.

3. Mechanical is Better

Mechanical watches tend to have a longer lifespan. Even if a watch has obsolete parts, a professional watch repairer may be able to create identical parts or source similar parts that will keep the timepiece working as it should. Keep in mind that using generic instead of original parts can affect the value of a watch.

4. Limited Edition is Ideal

Limited edition watches almost always increase in value over time. Statement pieces are automatically more sought after and are easier to sell when you are ready to do so. However, you will need to keep the watch in excellent condition if you want it to fetch an impressive price.

5. Service Your Timepiece

The better the condition of the watch, the more valuable it is. If you are going to repair or service a watch, take it to someone who is reputable, qualified and has experience with your brands. If you are going to invest in a timepiece, do a little research to find a reputable repair centre.

6. Insure Your Timepiece

If you are going to spend a decent amount of money on a timepiece or two, make sure that it’s covered by your home insurer. Cover the watch against both theft and damage.  Martins of Glasgow are be able to offer advice with regards to insurance.

7. Practice Patience

If you are going to invest in a watch with the idea that the value will increase in a year or two after your purchase, you may want to reconsider. Most watches will only see a significant increase in value after 5 to 10 years. Investing in watches takes patience.

Investing in timepieces can be exciting and worthwhile. Just make sure that you are only purchasing your watches from reputable dealers. Take your time when making this kind of investment if you want to make it worth your time and money.

The 5 Rarest Watches Ever Made & Sold

When it comes to collecting vintage watches, it’s all about finding something rare and unique. A higher price is generally one of the indicators that a watch is rarer than most, so it comes as no surprise that some of the rarest watches have been auctioned off for a high sum.

Rolex 4113_Rare Watches

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Watch Straps – How Daring Are You?

For some, watch straps & bracelets are merely functional. Others choose their watch strap carefully to reflect their style and personality.  If you’re in the latter category, what watch strap should you choose and how daring are you?

watch straps


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Luxury Watches For Women – Top Picks For 2019

Discover our top pick of luxury watches for women in 2019.  All have the same things in common: Prestige, Quality and Style.

No list of luxury watches would be complete without the inclusion of several world-renowned Swiss brands, names such as Rolex, Blancpain and Patek Philippe.  But don’t overlook France and Italy, countries synonymous with style and fashion, for some designer inspired luxury watches. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so read on and discover what your choice would be.

Luxury Watches For Women


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How To Take Care Of Your Luxury Watch

Craftsmanship, quality, beauty, and investment. These are just some of the words that spring to mind when thinking of luxury watches.  To ensure your watch retains its beauty and function and lasts a lifetime, you need to know how to take care of your luxury watch.

How To Take Care Of Your Luxury Watch


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How Often Should Your Watch Be Serviced?

How often should your watch be serviced? The simple answer is around every 5 years if you want to prolong the life of your timepiece and ensure it is always working correctly.  A regular maintenance service will involve stripping down the watch, ensuring all parts are working properly, determine if any parts need replacing, ultrasonic cleaning and more.

Avoiding a regular service means that dirt and oil may build up on the watch, causing it to stop telling the time accurately or to stop working all together.  When you buy a new car, you take it regularly to the garage to get it checked over – so why wouldn’t you do the same with your watch?  Prevention is always better than cure!

how often should you get your watch serviced

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