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    What Does Your Watch Say About You?

    Whether you like it or not your timepiece or lack of timepiece says a lot about you. While a traditional timekeeper can be unnecessary in an age where we call carry a phone, the watch you wear still says a … Continue reading

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    Why You Need a Watch in Your Wardrobe

    Watches do so much more than simply tell the time. An essential piece in anybody’s wardrobe, a decent watch says a great deal about who you are and what your interests and priorities are. Even in the age of the … Continue reading

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    3 Top Tips For Safe Storage Of Your Watch Collection

    If you are an avid watch collector or even if you just have a prized Tag Heuer or Omega, storing your timepieces safely is essential, especially when you go away on holiday or on business. Here are three top tips … Continue reading

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    3 Occasions Where a Watch is the Perfect Gift

    Buying jewellery as a gift is a beautiful way to show someone special how much they mean to you. The great thing about a watch is that it’s a practical and stylish way to dress up any outfit, and can … Continue reading

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    What to Look for in a Good Quality Watch

    There’s nothing quite like a good watch. Not only is it the most convenient way to keep track of time with a simple flick of the wrist, but there’s something reassuring about the look and feel of a good quality … Continue reading

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    The Importance of a Good Watch in the Digital World

    The world today is full of different technologies to tell the time, from your smartphone to your car to your computer, we’re never far away from knowing what the time is. With all this going on, and the rise on … Continue reading

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    A Healthy Watch is a Happy Watch

    Whether you’re on holiday, out on a business lunch or just travelling for work, there’s nothing worse than your watch failing you; after all, with the battery life of smartphones, you can’t always guarantee you’ll be able to check the … Continue reading

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    7 Of the World’s Most Famous Clocks

    Before clocks, sundials were used to show the time through the positioning of a shadow on a flat surface, but clocks as we know them have now been around for a while now. Throughout their time, some of them have … Continue reading

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    Spotlight On: Engraving

    Engraving services are popular within the jewellery market, and have been for generations. Engraving is an ancient art form. It was practiced thousands of years ago when our ancestors carved images into cave walls and hundreds of thousands of years … Continue reading

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    The Oldest Working Clock And Watch In The World

    Watches have been around for many centuries, with a large variation of different designs and brands. Have you ever thought about how old the oldest watch is? Same can be said about clocks. Before their invention, a sundial was used … Continue reading