Something Old, Something New: Vintage Jewellery for Brides

It’s official, vintage is in.

Vintage clothes, vintage cars, vintage music , vintage hair and make-up styles, and vintage jewellery are extremely popular, and with good reason.

The timeless class that is synonymous with certain vintage items proves their superior, transcendental nature. There are so many vintage jewellery replica pieces in high-street shops now; but why settle for a copy, when you can have the real thing? Read more

Buying watches as an investment

Whatever you collect and whether or not you plan to sell it, it is always good to know that the items in your collection are gaining in value. Whether it is a portfolio of properties or a book of stamps, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that they definitely weren’t a waste of money.

In order to actively invest in collections or items in the belief that they will in future be worth more takes a lot of skill and more than a little luck. There are those that manage to do a little research in the buying process, and reap huge rewards in the future. Read more

Houston, We Have a Result!

We have all dreamt of being an astronaut, watched shuttle launches with bated breath and utter admiration and dared to imagine that one day that will be us. Unfortunately for most of us our calling was not to be a pioneering astronaut and reality eventually takes the place of dreams.

Omega have recently found a way for those of us that never quite made it into orbit to keep those dreams alive for at least a little while. Their latest effort is a new iteration of their incredible Speedmaster range and is named “Dark Side of the Moon”. Read more

The World’s 7 Most Expensive Watches!

Here at Martins of Glasgow, we know how to appreciate (and repair) a beautiful, luxury timepiece. Here’s our list of seven of the most expensive watches in the world!


1.       Parmigiani Fleurier Pocket Watch, $2.4 million

This pricey pocket watch has a minute repeater with cathedral gongs (it chimes to tell the time) and a perpetual calendar, so you’ll never have to ask what date it is. It’s so expensive because it’s made from white gold, enamel figures and diamonds. This pocket watch takes two years to manufacture, which adds to the price tag. Read more

The Continual Evolution of TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer is one of the most exciting luxury watch brands in the world, and keeping up with their new and innovative watch designs can seem like an insurmountable task at times. Part of the reason for their constantly evolving timepieces is their strong association with many celebrated icons in the world of sport, and these collaborations always ensure that there is never a shortage of themed – or even limited edition – wristwatches for them to release. Read more

Luxury Watch Maintenance: What Exactly Needs Doing?

We’ve discussed why prestige watches are so expensive before, and there is undoubtedly good reason for them being tagged as ‘luxury’ items. However, contrary to what many people think, these expertly crafted timepieces are not indestructible, and will need some care and attention from time to time. The good thing is that the lifespan of these watches is virtually unlimited when you look after them, so here are a few basic tips for you to bear in mind.

Care Around Water

Most luxury watches are water resistant, and some are undoubtedly proficient in this area to a staggering degree. The Rolex DeepSea, for example, has withstood some of the deepest underwater voyages that mankind has ever attempted. However, unless your watch is a genuine ‘diver’s’ timepiece then it’s better to be cautious when it comes to immersing your watch. Exposure to water of a high temperature is also not recommended, as even waterproof watches can suffer within such an environment. Read more

How High Performance Watch Movements Resist Magnetism

Magnetism is one of the real banes in the life of a mechanical watch, and even an infrequent amount of exposure can result in real problems occurring. A magnetised watch has additional resistances to contend with that usually result in imprecise timekeeping; in the most common cases the wristwatch will run far quicker than it should do.
Watches can become magnetised in a number of common situations. For example, did you know that being near a refrigerator can potentially be problematic? Watch makers have therefore been working for many years to overcome the effects of magnetism upon their timepieces, and recently a real breakthrough has been made by Omega. Read more

15 Years of the Omega Co Axial Calibre

The Omega Co Axial Calibre may not be the very latest word in the world of watchmaking anymore, but this revolutionary movement – now 15 years old – is still making headlines for Omega even today.

The lifespan of the Co Axial has thus far been littered with accolades, and the enthusiasm surrounding this piece of marvellous engineering has clearly not died down quite yet. For example, Omega has recently brought this signature innovation to Guatemala, allowing another area of the world to gain access to this legendary mechanism, and the recent unveiling of the Master Co Axial Calibre at Baselworld 2014 suggests that the evolution of this horological landmark is not yet complete. Read more

Brand New Breitling Navitimer: We Take a Closer Look Inside…

As a specialist in Breitling watch repairs, we always like to keep an eye on the work of this famous watch brand, and it’s fair to say that their latest news certainly caught our eye.

The Navitimer is Breitling’s most famous timepiece, and, even though in more recent years its flagship status has seen strong competition from the newer Chronomat range, its prestige has never lessened over the years. That’s why new variations of the Navitimer are always received with such enthusiasm, and also why Breitling has introduced such diversity into this well loved family of watches. Read more

Luxury Watches and Brand Ambassadors

In our last blog, we took a look at how a whole variety of factors contributed towards the intrinsic value of a high status watch brand, and this time we thought it was worth pointing out how a recent development from TAG Heuer illustrates one of our points perfectly. This point was how an iconic brand ambassador can greatly influence what people perceive as luxury, and few horological names know this better than TAG Heuer. Read more